92 countries traveled by cycle: Cycle Baba

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Raj Phanden, also known as the “Cycle Baba” is known worldwide for traveling the entire world on his cycle. His journey till now has been filled with fun, excitement, and fear. 

Journey of Cycle Baba

Raj Phanden started his journey of traveling on a cycle from India only. In the span of 6 months, he traveled the entire India on his cycle. He was supposed to attend a conference in Trivandrum and from there he took his cycle and traveled by air to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, he traveled everywhere on his cycle and came back to India from Colombo. His experience of traveling in India has been wonderful and amazing. One interesting fact here is that Raj is not even a professional cyclist. He traveled the entire world on a borrowed cycle from his friend. 

Raj’s cycle journey is even appreciated and acknowledged by the government of India. At the time of his traveling, he took help from Sushma Swaraj (Former Minister of External Affairs). She helped him get the visas to the countries that were on his list of travel. Sometimes, he used to wait for 7-14 days to get the VISA for the next country. He has traveled a maximum of  275 km on his cycle in one day internationally. 

Some interesting stories from Africa, Indonesia, and America

While Raj was traveling in Africa, he got stopped by policemen numerous times and got asked for money. The richest Businessmen of every country in India included Indians, so every policeman assumed that Indians were rich. Later on, Raj figured out a trick where he would show the policemen that he was poor, and he in turn used to ask for water from them.

In Indonesia, Raj was living with a man from Singapore in a hostel. That man abused him and India to Raj and in response, Raj slapped him tight on the face. After this incident, he called the Indian Ambassador in Indonesia and told him the entire truth. Thankfully, that Singapore man left the hostel soon after this incident and never returned back.

In America, one day Raj was just sitting on his cycle and watching the map for his next destination when two men came and started abusing him. Raj taught them a good lesson and also got a refund for the broken screen on his iphone. Unknowingly, one night he camped in a cemetery and felt the presence of someone at night outside his tent. He didn’t go out in fear and in the morning he got to know that it was a cemetery. Thankfully, he survived that night and started his journey later on.


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