Achieving Success at the Age of 21: Anurag Dwivedi

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Anurag Dwivedi is an example of achieving success at such a small age of 21 years. He achieved success by forming his own Dream 11 team on the application of Dream 11 and there he earned points. 

Dream 11 Contest

On 3rd August 2023, there is a match between India VS West Indies. The following steps will tell how you can participate in the contest and the entry fee is just Rs.1 

Journey of Anurag Dwivedi Dream11

Anurag started watching cricket at a very young age. Soon his interest began to develop and he learned more about it. He started playing on Dream 11 and it took him some time to learn about the platform and how to play. Now, he is gained experience in this field and has made a good revenue by playing the game. He has worked with various platforms and earned money. He along with the other influencers of fantasy cricket applications earns huge amounts daily at the time of IPL, this earning can cross Rs.50 lakhs per day. 

You can play on the Fantasy application at any time of the year in any match. 

The Time of IPL

Indian Premier League in India is celebrated like a festival here. Entire India sits in front of the television and watches IPL. At the time of IPL, the routine becomes very hectic since he has to upload the videos simultaneously on youtube, do the planning of his team, and choose accordingly. Numerous brands also spend money during the time of IPL to perform marketing. Influencers on the Fantasy app also earn from the brands during this time.

Planning before Playing

Recently, Anurag Dwivedi’s podcast with the team of RealHit went viral on the RealHit youtube channel where he described in detail how planning before playing is done. When talking about a daily basis, earnings on the platform are ok as up and down will occur in the games and you will have to face profits and losses. Following Cricket is one thing and knowing cricket is another thing. All those players who play on Fantasy Cricket have an excellent knowledge of the pitch and know what players to choose and when. Anurag has his entire team who does the planning along with him and they make some collective decisions at the end. The amount to be invested depends on Anurag at the end when he will form the team.

For a piece of more detailed information on Dream 11 and Fantasy Cricket, go and subscribe to the RealHit youtube channel now. 

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