AI in the Service Industry: A Short Guide

AI In Service Industry

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the service industry and make tasks much simpler than before. Top companies in the Service industries like BPOs and Digital Marketing Agencies have been using AI now, thus scaling their business to the next level. 

How is AI used in the service sector?

Artificial Intelligence is being used in the service industry to enhance the efficiency, personalization and improved decision making of the organization. AI also helps in optimizing customer processes, automation of tasks and helps in providing personalized customer user experience. AI driven softwares have been implemented in BPOs and customer support services in multinational corporations like Philips and Apple, where customers can get tailor made solutions for their problems and queries. 

AI in Food Service Industry

In the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector, AI has been implemented in the machines and softwares at the backend which helps in the smooth functioning of the entire industrial unit. In a Food manufacture industrial unit, thousands of products are manufactured in a single day and relying on a human eye for defect detection and accurate packaging can be a difficult task. This is where AI comes into the picture. You just have to feed in some certain commands and you are good to go till any further complications (if arisen). 

What are effects of Artificial Intelligence as a Service?

AIaas (Artificial Intelligence as a Service), is an AI platform which helps businesses in implementing AI approached for a fraction of their budget and cover the entire department in one unit. The service providers of AIaas usually create a whole package of AI services for you on a single platform which can be operated from anywhere in the industrial unit. 


Currently, there are very less companies that are working on AIaas. But, in the future there is a huge potential in this area and many new companies will develop providing AIaas services to the industrial sector in India. In the coming years, the use of AI will only increase along with the demand of the personnel who are well versed in managing these AI services and AI platforms online. 

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