An Inspiring Biography of Lakshmi Mittal

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Lakshmi Mittal has a great inspiring life story that will motivate the young generation for hard work and perseverance. Born and Brought up in India, Lakshmi Mittal is now the Chairman of the world’s largest steel and mining company “ArcelorMittal” which has a revenue of $80 billion. Before becoming the chairman of the company, he served as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). 

Lakshmi Niwas Mittal’s success story

Lakshmi Mittal was born on 15 June 1950 in a Hindu Marwari family in Rajasthan. He was always an intelligent and hard-working man and he secured first class during his graduation in B.Com from St.Xavier’s College, Calcutta. He is an Indian citizen currently residing in London, United Kingdom. 


In the year of 1970, he worked as a trainee in a steel mill and soon after in 1976 he opened his steel mill in Indonesia. Lakshmi Mittal worked hard in the mill and turned it into a profitable output and later it turned out to be Arcelor Mittal. In 1989, he purchased Trinidad and Tobago which later became a profitable investment. He used the same idea and monitoring in investing in some other assets from all around the world. 

Lakshmi Mittal’s personal life

He married Usha Mittal and has 2 children, Aditya and Vanisha Mittal. Aditya Mittal is the CEO of the steel company and Vanisha Mittal Bhatia is the non-independent director of the company. Lakshmi Mittal is an Indian Citizen managing his steel company in London. 

Lakshmi Mittal’s Net Worth

According to the reports of June 2023, Lakshmi Mittal’s net worth is $16.4 billion. He is the 15th wealthiest person in India and the 93rd richest person in the world. He is one of the most successful Indian businessmen who made their spot in the Top 100 richest businessmen in the world. 

In How Many Countries Does ArcelorMittal Manufacture Steel?

ArcelorMittal is one of the world’s largest steel companies. It has steelmaking facilities in 16 countries and customers in 155 countries. The company has operations across the globe, including Africa, Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia.

Lakshmi Mittal started this steel company from scratch and made it what it is today. He put his heart and soul into the company which is now the largest steel company in the world. His life story teaches us an exemplary example of dedication, consistency, hard work, and perseverance. Now, his son has also joined the company and together they are working to take Arcelor Mittal to the next level globally where it is in the top demands of every customer. 

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