Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

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“Artificial Intelligence will take up your job, you will be sitting at home in a few months”. I am sure every third person has heard this statement in their professional careers. Let’s understand the logic behind this statement.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is software that is fed huge chunks of past data over the years to answer you in real-time. Nowadays, in every industry, AI has taken its place and is working along with human personnel. Have you ever wondered how devices like Alexa work? Alexa has been fed years of data which helps the device to answer in real-time. 

Role of AI in Digital Marketing

Do you remember when computers were invented, there was hype in the market that how work would be done now because no one knew how to use the computer? Coming to 2023, an entire business or a service runs with the help of a computer. People learned how to use a computer and upgraded themselves with time. Just like a computer AI is also a technology. Whenever you come across a new tool, skill yourself in that particular tool and keep upgrading yourself from time to time because in the end AI is a technology, and AI tools will be released every year. Old AI tools will become obsolete and you will have to learn the new ones. Those people who do not keep upgrading themselves with technology will lose their jobs in the coming years. 

Benefits of AI in Digital Marketing

AI technology has significant benefits in Digital Marketing. The time duration of work is reduced to a much greater extent and efficiency is increased simultaneously. There are various tools in the field of video editing, image editing, and content writing which can help you in completing your work in a shorter time. Let’s say you want to edit a video but you have very less time to do so, you can use Kapwing AI video editor and edit your videos in the required time. Now, you must have seen people saying I don’t need a video editor because I have a tool but the question is, who will operate that tool? Who will put a human touch to that video? Those who don’t upgrade themselves with the technology will lose their spot in the market and those who learn how to use these tools to their benefit will remain in the market for the long run.  

Application of AI in Digital Marketing

There are different aspects of digital marketing in which AI has an individual application. Let’s have a look at some aspects:

  • You can use an AI video editor to edit your videos in a shorter period
  • You can take the help of Jasper for getting ideas for your content creation
  • Use Grammarly for checking the grammar of the article
  • User Surfer SEO for working on the website’s organic traffic 

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