Artificial Intelligence in the Manufacturing Sector

AI in Manufacturing Sector

We all have heard that AI will take over the world. In many countries, AI has already taken over people’s jobs and is working efficiently. Now the question is, will AI replace human personnel in the manufacturing industry of India?

AI in Manufacturing

Talking about India, there are numerous things manufactured here ranging from clothes, cycles, tractors, and car engines. Let’s have a look at the hosiery industry of India which is the major employment source of many migrant labours. For many years, the hosiery industry is working by employing laborers and is functioning well. There were many situations where the industry owners tried to deploy the latest technology but human personnel rejected it. In vehicle manufacturing, robotics has already entered the industry and is working very well. AI has to still make its way into this. 

How is AI used in Manufacturing Industry?

Artificial Intelligence is used in various ways depending on the type of manufacturing industry we are talking about. When we are talking about machines, their AI-simulated robots can help in assembling the parts of a machine. When we are talking about companies like IBM, AI is used to generate real-time to optimize the workflows on the industry floor level. Thus, Artificial Intelligence can be used in different ways in different manufacturing industries. For a piece of more detailed information, you can refer to different manufacturing industry case studies where AI is used currently. 

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Examples

There are numerous examples where AI can be applied in the manufacturing sector. Let’s say in developing a car engine, parts are assembled with the help of robotics, and this procedure is supervised by an AI robot. Later on at the end, the robot gives detailed information about one day’s work to the manager. In Wisconsin, Intel Corporation uses AI to generate real-time data for smoothening out the workflow process. In California, IBM uses AI to combine rich data insights that track business trends and predict potential risks. In India, AI has already entered the service industry and has improved the efficiency of many companies. On the contrary, it has also left people jobless who do not update themselves with the development in technology.

AI in Manufacturing Market Size

Artificial Intelligence in the manufacturing sector is one of the largest markets in the world. The global market has reached USD 3.8 billion in 2022 and is predicted to reach USD 68.36 billion in 2032. This market will significantly increase over time and is not at all expected to decline. Development in technology is being done for many years and will be continued for the coming. 

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