Astrology and Ghost Stories in Noida & Jaipur: A famous story

Noida Ki Iss Factory Mein Hai Bhoot Ka Saya  RealTalk Clips

You guys have shown us a lot of love on our horror podcasts. Thank you! We have shot another horror podcast for you guys which will give you goosebumps.

Ghost in a commercial place

Shubham Sharma is a well-known astrologer and he has observed some ghost energies in various residential and commercial places at the time of the visit. Let’s discuss a recent incident where got intuitions of a very powerful negative energy in a cloth factory in Noida. The client insisted Shubham to visit Noida from Chattisgarh on 1 day’s notice. Shubham decided to stay at the factory for 3 days and he had a conversation with every person working in the factory. Some of the workers discussed incidents with him while some hesitated. 


On the first night, Shubham felt a strong negative presence outside his room. He came and checked the outdoors twice but no one was there. Gradually, he saw a shadow outside his room and understood that there is a negative energy present of someone in this factory. The next morning, Shubham visited the entire factory once again and his intuition gave him the signal for a particular spot in the factory. After digging on the same very spot, it was observed that someone had been buried there quite a long time back and the soul was stuck there. Rituals were performed for the salvation of the soul and within months, the factory was running on profits.

A Ghost Story of Jaipur

This is an interesting one as it involves tantra vidya and astrology simultaneously. Shubham was asked to visit Jaipur and do a check on an entire 25-acre land which included a house, a manufacturing unit, and a dera. A Dera is a spiritual and religious place. The family was suffering huge losses in the factory and the client’s mother was facing severe health issues. You can watch the detailed video on the RealTalk Clips youtube channel and do let us know in the comments section below about your reviews and experience.


Real-Life experiences of Shubham Sharma

Shubham has worked with many politicians and celebrities. On a personal level, he has helped many politicians but he doesn’t like to work with them due to numerous reasons. He believes in Vastu’s directions of house and commercial buildings. Each direction like North, South, South-west, North-east, South-east, and North-west has a major significance in your life. These energies will help you achieve success and fame in your professional life. He is not into astrology for money, instead, he loves to make a difference in lives of his clients and his audience. 


For more detailed stories of astrology and horror stories, go and watch the podcast of Shubham Sharma on the RealTalkClips youtube channel. There are some amazing and interesting videos posted on their youtube channel which you will love and will relate to on a personal level. Let us know in the comments section below about your views on the podcast.  

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