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Exploring the World of Badshah: From Late-Night Texts to Global Collaborations

In the vibrant landscape of Indian music, one name that stands out for his unique blend of Punjabi beats with hip-hop is Badshah. Known for his catchy lyrics and foot-tapping music, Badshah has carved a niche in the industry. But what goes on behind the scenes in the life of this music sensation? From his nocturnal texting habits to his thoughts on spirituality and fame, let’s dive into the world of Badshah.

Why Badshah Always Texts After 3AM In The Night?

Badshah’s late-night texting is not just a habit; it’s a window into his creative process. The stillness of the night often fuels creativity, allowing thoughts and ideas to flow unimpeded. For Badshah, this is the time when the distractions of the day fade away and the rhythm of his thoughts finds a clear path to expression.

Finding Peace and Dealing with Criticism

In the midst of a demanding career, Badshah finds his peace in small things, be it a quiet evening at home or a drive through the city at night. He understands the importance of disconnecting from the noise and finding moments of solitude to rejuvenate his mind.

Dealing with criticism, especially on social media, is a part of any public figure’s life. Badshah approaches this with a balanced mindset. He values constructive criticism that helps him grow but chooses to ignore negativity that serves no purpose.

Journey Before Fame and Personal Beliefs

Before becoming a rap sensation, Badshah’s life was a mix of dreams and challenges. His journey from an anonymous artist to a celebrated name in the industry is a tale of perseverance and passion. He believes that his faith in a higher power and the support of his loved ones have been instrumental in his success.

Lifestyle Insights

Badshah’s lifestyle is a blend of simplicity and luxury. While he enjoys the finer things in life, like his collection of cars, he maintains a down-to-earth persona. His lifestyle choices reflect his personality: grounded yet aspirational.

Career Highlights and Collaborations

Badshah’s music production process is meticulous. He pays keen attention to the details, ensuring that each element of the song resonates with his vision. His collaboration with J Balvin, a fusion of Indian and Latin beats, showcases his ability to transcend cultural boundaries through music. This global collaboration hints at his aspirations to connect with a worldwide audience.

The Impact of Fame and Social Media

Fame has not changed Badshah; it has only magnified his persona. He believes that while money and fame bring changes, they don’t alter one’s core values. Social media, in his opinion, is a powerful tool for artists to connect with their audience. However, he is aware of its double-edged nature, especially when dealing with negative publicity.

Personal Experiences and Beliefs

From the amusing incident of falling off the stage, captured in a viral reel, to the deeper meaning behind his tattoos, Badshah’s life is filled with moments that reflect his journey. His belief in the law of attraction and positive thinking has shaped his approach to life and career.

Music Industry Insights

Badshah acknowledges the evolving landscape of Punjabi music, recognizing the contributions of artists like Shubh, AP Dhillon, and Prabh. He also points out the rising popularity of Haryanvi music, signifying the diverse musical tastes of the Indian audience. His thoughts on the gangster culture prevalent in some Punjabi songs are critical, emphasizing the need for responsible storytelling in music.


Badshah’s journey in the music industry is a testament to his talent and hard work. From texting in the wee hours to crafting chart-topping hits, his journey is an inspiring story of a dream turned into reality. As he continues to experiment and collaborate, Badshah remains a pivotal figure in the music industry, influencing and inspiring a generation of music lovers and upcoming artists.

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