Chilling Tales from Bihar’s Haunted Haveli Revealed

Bihar's Haunted Haveli Revealed


In this captivating episode of RealHit, featuring Akshay Vashisht, viewers are taken on a spine-tingling journey into the haunted haveli of Bihar. The podcast, which has already amassed over 1.1 million views, delves deep into the realm of the supernatural and the unexplained.

The Haunted Haveli of Bihar

The episode focuses on the notorious haunted haveli in Bihar, known for its eerie occurrences and ghostly sightings. Vashisht recounts various tales associated with the haveli, each more chilling than the last, painting a picture of a place shrouded in mystery and fear.

Akshay Vashisht’s Spine-Chilling Narration

Akshay Vashisht, known for his engaging storytelling, brings these ghostly tales to life with his vivid narration. His ability to capture the essence of each story adds a layer of intensity and authenticity to the podcast, making it a gripping listen.

Exploring the Paranormal Phenomena

The episode not only tells stories but also explores the phenomena surrounding paranormal activity. It delves into why certain places, like the haveli, become the epicentre of ghostly happenings and how these stories become ingrained in local folklore.

The Impact of Hauntings on Local Folklore

As the podcast unfolds, it reveals how the haunted haveli has become a part of local lore and culture. It examines the impact of such hauntings on the people living in the vicinity and how these stories are passed down through generations.


This horror podcast episode from RealHit is a must-listen for anyone fascinated by the supernatural. It offers a rare glimpse into the haunted haveli of Bihar, leaving listeners both terrified and intrigued.

For those brave enough to explore these ghostly tales, tune into the full episode on RealHit’s YouTube channel here.

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