Black Cat Commando and NSG in India

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Becoming a Black Cat Commando in India is one of the most respectable positions in the Indian Army. There are a lot of physical and health tests that you have to pass to be a Black Cat Commando.

How to Become a Black Cat Commando?

Ram Shankar Tiwari Sir has been a Black Cat Commando in his career and has received numerous awards for serving the nation. Ram sir belonged to Uttar Pradesh Police and from there his journey of being a Black Cat Commando started. He sent his application for the NSG (National Security Guard) task force. During his time of selection, overall 120 officers were selected for the task force and sent to Sitapur for training. There, the officers undergo intense and severe training procedures to become a black cat commandos. During these procedures, those 120 officers go under the infiltration process and the final officers are selected at the end. If you have faced any injury and you have to bed rest for 7 days, then you are sent back to your town. 

Why NSG?

NSG stands for National Security Guard. Whenever India has faced terrorist attacks, NSG has come to the rescue and helped India in facing these attacks. Whenever the situation or the attacks worsen, NSG is the last and best option for India. The training procedures are intense and planned very carefully so that the officers are trained to protect the country in any situation and weather conditions. NSG specializes in saving people with minimal casualty and removal of the enemies. NSG commandos are trained to fight in any situation no matter what the circumstances are. 

The 26/11 attack at the Taj, Mumbai

We all remember this day in India when thousands of civilians were killed by terrorists in Mumbai. NSG was called to handle the scene when the situation worsened in Mumbai and the panic has been created over the city. It was printed in the news as well when NSG saved the civilians stuck in the Taj, Mumbai, and killed the terrorists. There is a reason why NSG is known as the best and most expert-trained task force to handle the nation’s security with minimal casualties. 

How to Become a Black Cat Commando?

To become a black cat commando, firstly you need to be mentally and physically fit. Remember one thing, becoming a black cat commando is not an easy task. It will require more than your willpower and your inner strength. Initially, you need to enroll in IPS (Indian Police Service), and from there you will be eligible to apply for NSG and be a black cat commando. 

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