Can Spirits enter your body?

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We recorded a very interesting podcast with Resham Kamboj who practices Mediumship for many years. Let’s understand this concept and its meaning.

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is a practice where you can interact with the souls of every living being who died for some reason on this planet. There are a lot of astrologers and Tarot card readers in India who perform Mediumship and have helped many people in removing negativity in their lives. Those people who practice mediumship help souls in getting salvation from this world and move into another. Resham Kamboj has been doing this practice for many years and he has got this knowledge from his family inherited.  

Past Life through Astrology

It has been said that through the help of astrology, people can know about your past life and what you did in your past life. Resham Kamboj has done past life readings for people and even in her life as well. In the podcast with Resham Kamboj, she told that her daughter was her mother in her past life. Some people don’t believe in these past life readings, while some believe in them strongly. Resham has treated various clients with the help of their past life readings to heal their energy and enter their karma. There are a lot of Karmic actions or results that we have to fulfill in our current lives. It may be good or bad but they still come into our lives because we have to deal with them anyways. 

Tarot Past Life Reading

You can get to know about your past life through tarot reading as well. Tarot readings are done with the help of universal signs, intuitions, and some strong instincts. Many tarot readings are also done with the help of your birth dates and time of birth. It is believed by many people that tarot readings help them by giving guidance as to what is coming in their lives. On the contrary, some people believe that it is completely based on coincidence and luck. Your past life reading can help you a lot in getting to know your current karma and karmic actions that you will face in this life. Past life readings can also be done apart from tarot-like Akashic record readings. 

Can spirits enter your body?

According to many astrologers and people who practice mediumship, it is believed that spirits can enter your body. The spirit can be a good one or a bad one. As there are different types of living beings, there are different types of spirits each different from the other. Resham mam has experienced the powers of many such spirits alike but none of them have entered her body. Though, she has seen and helped many spirits till now to attain salvation. 


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