Deal with Life Pressure: Some easy Tips and Tricks

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Life teaches you many things. Till the time of our schooling, we are taught that we have to study and take up some job to fulfill monetary requirements. But, in reality do we know how to deal with life pressures? Let’s find out.

How to deal with life pressure?

After schooling, when we land in colleges and start figuring out our careers, we start realizing what life pressures are actually. This is the time when we start thinking about what we actually want to do in our lives. School doesn’t teach you this nor does college. Life teaches us how to deal with pressures. In life, at many times you will feel low on motivation, low on energy and low on self esteem. But, at the end it is you who have to deal with all your life problems and no one else will be there to face your problems for you. 

How do you handle work pressure?

Everyone handles work pressure in their own way. There are people who get frustrated under work pressure and there are people who deal with pressures calmly. Well, the correct way to deal with pressure is to be calm. A frustrated mind will always create problems for you and your problem-solving time will further increase. If you are in an office and you face such a situation, just take 10 minutes out. Sit alone on a chair and calm yourself down. Think of the ways you will be able to solve the problem and how soon it will be done. 

Journey of Pramod Raj Shukla

Pramod Raj Shukla was born and brought up in Bihar. He has no degree or certificate but today, he has set up a $12 million dollar company in India and has clients from all over the world. He started his journey by working as a sweeper and now is the CEO of Creatigrity Technologies established in Bangalore. In the podcast of Pramod with RealHit, he has narrated his entire journey from being a sweeper to CEO of a company. He believed in the concept that life teaches you many things which degree cannot. 

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