Deep Insights into Indian History during Independence

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We all know that Gandhiji was the main person behind India’s Independence in the year of 1947. In schools and colleges, we have read about the partition of India and Pakistan but that is not entirely true. Let’s know how.

Indian History by Prakhar Srivastava 

Prakhar Srivastava has been working as a journalist from past many years and currently, he is working for Doordarshan. He has written a book “Hey Ram” describing all the details of the past during the time of partition, Gandhi Ji’s murder, and independence. Gandhi Ji’s death is still being used in politics to blame and fight over the legal matters of the country. There were three reasons behind Gandhi Ji’s murder:

  1. Muslim appeasement
  2. Rough behavior toward the refugees
  3. He sat on a strike to give 55 crores to Pakistan for numerous reasons

These three reasons were identified during the year 2005 after a careful investigation by Prakhar Srivastava in this matter. Gandhi Ji’s death was used by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru for his political purposes. 

Was Partition supported by Gandhi Ji?

We have all read in the books that Gandhi Ji was against the partition of India and Pakistan. But, the truth is he was silent on this matter. He never said anything on this topic during public meetings or in front of the society. Moreover, Gandhi Ji somewhat supported the need for partition at the time of independence and after the vote, partition was finalized. So, if you ever read somewhere that Gandhi Ji was against the partition you know that this statement is wrong. 


At the time of Independence, a train arrived at the Amritsar station in the morning where all its passengers had been murdered brutally. There is a saying by Prakhar that if one of those souls could speak, they would say that Pakistan was built on their dead bodies. To know more about this incident, refer to Prakhar Srivastava’s podcast with RealTalk Clips. 


“India gained Independence on the grounds of non-violence”, this statement has no facts. India gained Independence on grounds of extreme violence and brutality. 

Why did Nehru Ji agree to the partition?

There are three major reasons as to why Nehru Ji agreed to the partition:

  • He said that all the leaders were getting old and they wanted a seat in the government
  • Most of the leaders were afraid to go to the jail
  • If Gandhi ji had stopped them, they would have stopped and stood against the partition. 


There are a lot of hidden and interesting stories about India at the time of its independence that are not written anywhere. Yet, more people are curious to know the exact and true story of how our India got Independence and why the partition happened. 

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