Different types of Ghosts with Tara Malhotra

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There are different types of energies present in the universe. Everyone has heard of ghosts but did you know that there are different types of good and bad energies present. Ghosts are one of those energies.

Different types of Ghosts

Ghosts refer to those souls who left heavenly abode due to untimely deaths. They don’t harm nor believe in violence. Ghosts just want to live with their families as they are not ready for their afterlives. Spirits are the second form of energies which are present among us on a different frequency level. There are good spirits and bad spirits. Bad spirits have the power to possess you and bring negative energy in your lives. Many people use black magic to call upon bad spirits for one reason or the other. Pishach and Jinn are known as the most serious demonic possessions who live in hell and are very difficult to remove from a human body when possessed.

Aura and Vibes

Everyone has their own aura and vibes. Tara Malhotra strongly believes in the power of your Aura and its relation to demonic possession. She has worked with numerous Bollywood artists and got featured on the Discovery channel as well. She has a strong aura which she has used in helping a lot of people in getting exorcism. Tara has personally seen many cases in front of her where her relatives got possessed by a demonic energy when they urinated on the roadside under a Peepal Tree. Peepal Tree is known as the sacred tree for many reasons in different communities of India. If you have a weak aura, then most likely you are on the radar of the Bad Aura of people. 


Make your Aura stronger with the help of Meditation and Yoga. This will help you in strengthening your belief in god and will make you feel protected always.

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