Dr.Sunaina Sidhwani: A Story of Liberation from the dark phase

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If you are short-tempered and you easily give up on the situation then this article is for you. Through this article you will learn how to deal with the unexpected problems that come before you and what things you should consider while establishing any business. In today’s podcast, we will talk about Dr.Sunaina who was a successful entrepreneur, what happened that her life that she changed so much, and how she evolved from those dreadful conditions.

Journey of Dr.Sunaina

Dr.Sunaina was born on 26th September 1976, in a middle-class family. Dr.Sunaina’s big dreams and aspiring nature always pushed her to excel beyond limits. She is a Nutritionist and Internationally Certified Dermatologist or Skin specialist and get several accomplishments for her work. She lived in Canada along with her husband and three children, and did her further studies in Canada only. She was a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur at a certain point in her life. 

Beginning of Career 

Dr.Sunaina was 29 years old when she took a step towards her career. Dr. Sunaina said that she achieved success in a very short time. She is a Clinical skin specialist. Dr.Sunaina learned a lot of things based on her life experience. Dr.Sunaina always believed in the concept that she never wished ill upon anyone, so why did something wrong happen to her? Maybe God wanted to fill her life with happiness or had something better in store for her. So she kept believing in God and never gave up. Well, it took three to four years to get rid of the situation and recover from the treatment.

Decline in Career

She was working as a successful entrepreneur, but God had different plans for her. Dr. Sunaina Sidhwani got so much loss in her business and was deceived by her business partner. They made a conspiracy against her and removed Sunaina from the business, which had a deep impact on her life and mental health. As a result, she experienced a short-term memory loss that affect her life very deeply. She faced mental depression and took several years to get healed from the conditions. Dr.Sunaina got so much emotional after seeing how her hectic life got converted to a risk of committing suicide for her family. She shared her life experience through the RealHit podcast. To know more about Dr. Sunaina watch her podcast with Real Talk clips Team. 

Life journey after recovery 

Although Dr.Sunaina is a strong and brave woman, she did not gave up on the condition and even fought for it. It took so much time for her to recover and get better. Dr.Sunaina said that this is a whole new life for her and now her suffering days were reminiscent of her earlier days. Just after recovery, she wrote a book about how to get rid of these situations and never give up. 


We would like to sum up our entire conversation with the fact that Dr. Sunaina is very enthusiastic women and has great willpower. She again tried her best to attain a successful life. And started a new beginning with new projects, like publishing books like “The Purple Couch: A reality that yearns to be accepted”. , and taking a step into a new profession. 


To get more motivated videos from Dr.Sunaina go and connect with her on her youtube channel. For more such videos, do subscribe to the RealTalk Clips Podcast on youtube channel.

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