Egyptian History and Indian History: Some Interesting Facts


If we talk about ancient history, it is a broad and explanatory subject to study. In this article, we will discuss the mysteries around the world with our guest on the podcast Abhijit Chavda. 

Egyptian ancient history and the Gods of Egypt  

Egypt’s ancient history is all about the Egyptian mummies, the Gods of Egypt, and the Egypt pyramids. The ancient history of Egypt is 31000 BCE years old and the religion is about 5000 years old. More than 90% of ancient Egyptians followed the Islamic religion and no other religion is followed after the victory of Alexander the Great. It is still a mysterious point to discuss the mummies and Egyptian Gods. Mummies are preserved structures because it is believed in the Egyptian religion that life exists after death. Mummies in Egypt are preserved in a moisture-free environment, bathed with salted water, and used lap to the whole body. In some countries like the USA, mummies from Egypt are used as healing material in powder form. 

Archaeological evidence of Mahabharata 

Mahabharat is still a debated concept among non-Hindu religions. But ancient Indian history believed that the occurrence of Mahabharata evidence is proof of the Mahabharata battle. 

Mahabharat evidence of Indian ancient history and Hindu religion by archaeological survey of India includes: 

  1. Dwarka underwater 
  2. Kurukshetra 
  3. Kedarnath Dham 
  4. Indraprasth (present Delhi) 
  5. Ancient texts  

These pieces of evidence found at archaeological sites verified that Mahabharat happened. 

The most spoken language in the ancient history of India 

No doubt that Hindi is the most spoken language in India but the oldest language of the ancient world is Sanskrit because the world’s oldest Hindu literature which is Rigveda is written in Rig Vedic Sanskrit. But Hindi is considered the national language of India after the implementation of the constitution by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

 Coordination of Science and spirituality in the Hindu religion of the ancient world  

Logically, Sanatana Dharma in Hinduism is the oldest as well as true religion in the world. Ancient literature of the Hindu religion is always seen for scientific research. Bhagwat Geeta is regarded with great respect as it has the solution to every problem and this fact has been acknowledged by the Oxford University of London, this is the most preferred scripture by science and Hinduism. Presently, historical Indian monuments and temples like Kailash temple, and Jagannath temple were built by the hands of the workers who knew how to make beautiful scriptures and drawings on the walls of the temple. The precision and accuracy still attract the eyes of humans every time they visit a temple. 


At last, I would like to conclude the entire article on the fact that ancient history and the pre-existing evidence are proof that somehow God exists, scientists have experienced the presence of supernatural power. If you want to listen to our detailed podcast with Abhijit Chavda, do refer to our youtube channel. Subscribe to RealHit’s youtube channel for more interesting, mysterious, and mind-boggling podcasts.

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