Elvish Yadav and his fanbase from Big Boss

Elvish yadav in Big Boss

Big Boss has a huge TRP and fan following but now with Elvish Yadav being one of the contestants, TRP has reached a different level. Those of you who don’t watch big boss, read this article once. I am sure you will love it. 

Journey of Elvish Yadav

Elvish Yadav started his career as a Youtuber in the year of 2016. He made videos on his channel which related to the people on a personal level and he used to roast some personalities as well. His roasting videos went viral within hours and he was famous on the entire platform. He has a huge fanbase and people love him for his work and his videos. He was born and brought up in a middle-class family and worked very hard to achieve this position. When he was first offered for being a contestant for the big boss, he rejected the offer straight away. His family and friends insisted very hard and later on he agreed on taking up the offer.

Elvish in Big Boss

From the moment Elvish entered the House of Big Boss, his fanbase supported him to a huge extent and voted for him from outside. Recently, a rally was conducted in Noida in support of Elvish Yadav where thousands of people came together and supported him. Even Punjabi actors and the team of RealHit joined this rally. While Elvish is in the Big Boss house, he has no idea how much fame and fan following he has gained while being in the house and by playing a fair game on the show. The realHit team shot a podcast with Love Kataria where this entire story of how he entered the big boss house is narrated. Go and watch that video and do let us know in the comments section how you liked the podcast. We would love to know and listen to your views. To know how he won the show Big Boss, read the article on how Elvish Yadav won Big Boss OTT. 

Elvish Yadav Big Boss Entry Date

Elvish Yadav was invited as the first wild card contestant in the show and since then the TRPs and audience of Big Boss have seen a huge growth. People have started watching Big Boss because of Elvish Yadav and seeing how he is doing inside the house away from the outside world and media. Elvish entered Big Boss with the thought of winning the show and he will win the show as he is a man of determination and fair play. On the contrary, you will be amazed to know that he had never seen even one show of big boss before his entry as a wild card contestant. He took a bit of the show knowledge from his friends before entering the big boss show and cleared all the necessary tests that were required to be conducted by the show team for his smooth entry as a wild card contestant in the show. 

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