Elvish Yadav won Big Boss OTT 2

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Finally, the wait is over. Elvish Yadav won Big Boss OTT on 14th August 2023. He won with the largest share of 41% of votes from the entire nation. 

How many votes Elvish Yadav got in Big Boss?

Elvish Yadav secured a huge number of 800,99,975 votes from the audience as compared to the other contestants of the show. He won a trophy and a cash prize of Rs.25 lakhs.  Abhishek Malhan secured 600,98,365 votes and became the runner-up of the show. Manisha Rani, Babika, and Pooja Bhatt lagged considerably further, with 13,23,830; 77,201; and 32,500 votes respectively. Without a doubt, it is visible that India loves Elvish Yadav much more than the other contestants. The TRP of the Big Boss show was the highest yesterday since the eyes of the entire nation were on Elvish Yadav and they wanted to see him winning the show, thus making his father proud and happy. The entire Bollywood industry is now wishing Elvish Yadav his win on the show. 

Elvish Yadav in Big Boss

Elvish entered the house of Big Boss with the thought of winning the show. He was a wild card entry in the show and he created history by winning the show. Before this, none of the wild card entries won the show. A rally was conducted in support of Elvish Yadav a few weeks back in the city of Noida in which people in lakhs gathered for cheering him. The meet-up was canceled due to a huge crowd gathering and overcrowding at the place. People started jumping on the stage and were getting violent. All the personalities who came for the meetup went back from the hotel itself and were very disheartened. The entire nation was cheering for him the entire time while he was in the house and prayed for him. Elvish played an excellent game inside the house of Big Boss and even before entering the house, he had a huge fan following. After entering the show, his fanbase increased to a much greater extent and more people started loving him. 

Who is Elvish Yadav?

Elvish Yadav is a YouTuber who makes roasting videos and vlogs on his youtube channels. He also owns some luxury cars like Porsche. To know more about him, you can read Elvish Yadav’s biography on Realhit Stories. Love Kataria who is his dear friend also supported him throughout his journey and he told how Elvish entered the big boss house on the RealHit youtube channel. Go, watch the video on their youtube channel, and do let us know in the comments section below how you liked the podcast.


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