Entry of Elvish Yadav in Big Boss: The Backstory

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All the big boss fans out there, give a huge shoutout in the comments section below. Elvish Yadav has a huge fan following and people love him. Let’s hear the back story of how he entered Big Boss.

Elvish Yadav in Big Boss

Love Kataria is a close person to Elvish Yadav. When Elvish Yadav received the call from Big Boss, initially he said yes and cleared 2-3 interviews out of a total of 6. Later, he was a little dicey about the interviews and said NO to the opportunity of Big Boss. This went on for quite some days and in the meantime, a lot of people including Love Kataria tried to convince him for the show. At last, he said yes and went to Mumbai in the morning around 5 a.m. for the show. Big Boss has gained a lot of TRP after the entry of Big Boss and he has entered with a mindset to win the show. To all his fans out there, he may look weak to you on television, but don’t worry he is a strong person who can fight all his battles on his own. 

Prerequisites for entering Big Boss

There are a lot of formalities that the contestant needs to complete before entering big boss. Post the interviews, you need to pass a health test and a mental health test with a psychiatrist. If you have cleared all these rounds, then only you will be on the final list of contestants. Once you enter the house, your connection to the outside world is finished. They take the phones from all the contestants and there is not a single watch inside the house. All the contestants need to sign a contract wherein it is stated that the structure and the length of the show are entirely the decision of the creative team. If any contestant wants to leave the show, he/she has to pay Rs.2 crore to the show. 

How Elvish Yadav is handling inside the Big Boss house?

Before entering Big Boss, Elvish didn’t see a single episode of Big Boss in his life. Love Kataria even downloaded some latest episodes of Big Boss for the elvish to see but instead, he called his friends to gain a summary of what about what’s happening in the show. Elvish planned very smartly how he will be handling all the fights and the abusive language. Physical fight is not allowed inside the house. The entire hype of Big Boss is revolving around Elvish Yadav due to his fan following and his popularity. Most of the contestants didn’t even know who he was until 1-2 contestants told them about him. He has managed to maintain his image in the house till now and will continue to do so to win the show. 


For those who do not like Big Boss, I suggest you watch it just once for Elvish Yadav and you will love him. Dhruv Rathee also posted a video after the entry of Elvish Yadav in Big Boss. For more details on this article, do watch the podcast of Love Kataria & Anoop Chahal on the RealHit Youtube channel

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