Exciting Ghost Stories of Rajasthan

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Everyone loves horror and ghost stories. They tend to excite you and at the same time shiver your soul to its core. The team of RealHit recently did a podcast with Prince Singh who has seen some real ghost incidents in his home town Jaipur and Kota. Prince is a content creator of ghost stories and is a chemistry teacher in Kota. Many people send him experienced ghost stories and he works on some stories he found real, interesting, and mind-boggling. 

Experience of Black Magic during his childhood

At the time of his childhood, he experienced some serious black magic on his crush in school. The girl was fine one day and the next day was unable to walk. She became bedridden for a lot of time. Her family tried everything but was unable to find a cure for her. Prince talked to her mother about a man who could solve the problem and her mother agreed to it. The man went to her house 3 times a week and performed some rituals. After the first ritual, the girl could experience relaxation. After 10-15 days, the girl was perfectly ok and back on her feet. This was the first experience of black magic seen by Prince Singh. He was amazed after this experience. To listen to the entire story, watch a podcast with Prince Singh on the RealHit youtube channel

Ghost experiences of his Wife

Prince Singh’s wife has a very strong intuition when it comes to black magic and ghosts. She gets an intuition or a very strong gut feeling whenever she comes close to dark magic or sees ghosts. I know many of you do not believe in ghosts but your thinking cannot defy the real experiences of people. She believes that the aura of her husband protects her from all these things.

Ghost experience at Kota

In the early stage of his teaching career, Prince used to live with his three friends in a flat in Kota. Once, his brother-in-law came to live with him for some piece of work. His brother-in-law experienced some ghost incidents in the flat and later on all the people left the flat for their safety. The backstory of this was there was a mentally-unstable person who lived in the flat from them. That person committed suicide in the flat and since then he was living there only. After hearing this incident, his friends got scared but Prince was ok because he had seen such experiences previously as well. 

Ghost: Myth or Reality

You must be thinking about whether all these ghost stories are actually real or just a myth. People who have experienced these stories believe that ghosts exist. People who have not experienced these believe that there is nothing like ghosts. The state of Rajasthan is famous for such incidents and there are even temples like Mehndipur Balaji temple which is famous for helping demonic and good spirits to attain peace after death and not harming the people living in this life. 


You can hear these ghost stories on the RealHit youtube channel.  


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