Exploring the Importance of Astrology in Marriage : Rajan Khillan

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If you faith in astrology, this article is for you .We will talk about how Astrology and the Vaastu treatise are important in our life along with Mr.Rajan Khillan. It is fascinating to examine how astrology impacts marriage and relationships, and how we consider astrology when we decide to do any auspicious work like Pooja in our home. In this article, we will cover some interesting points that you may not have heard before.

What is Astrology?

The word Astrology is derived from the Latin word astrologia, which means Star, and logy means the study of stars. Astrology can be defined as the study of the position and movement of celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon, and stars and How they are related to each other and their impacts on Humans and their social life.

Astrology: The Role of Zodiac Signs

In our ancient Vedic period, great scholars were able to predict our future with the movement of heavenly bodies that results from the zodiac signs. Zodiac signs play a significant role in finding out the birth and all the activities regarding our past. In simple words, you can improve your lifestyle, by improving your zodiac.

Significance of Astrology in Weddings 

Love is the beginning of affectionate feelings between two people in which they embrace their feelings through showing love to each other while Marriage is considered as a repercussion of Love, in which they live together and share every joy and sorrow, a part of this Zodiac sign also contributes significantly to this. Astrology interprets zodiac signs for the betterment of married life. The matching of Zodiacs and horoscopes has eminence effects on married life so they considered its compatibility before getting married to assure a happy and successful matrimonial life.

Sex and Astrology: some interesting facts based on RealHit Podcast 

The Book Sex and Astrology was written by Astrologer RK Khillan This book tells the participation of Astrology in the sexual behavior of humans and its impact on them. Astrologer RK Khillan explained the sexual compatibility between partners and astrology’s effect on it. Studying Astrology is a kind of science that has a connection with our ancient and cultural activities. He told us about the religious relevance in the astral world. He deliberated the importance of gods to our needs, that we created our God by our demand like For strength – Hanuman ji, For knowledge – Saraswati mata, similarly for sexuality the kaam dev is worshiped. Astrologers taught the significance of dates in astrology. In Hindu mythology, specific dates have specific events to happen like, Purnima is for serendipity while Amavasya is for the reason for something misfortune to happen. For more interesting videos do watch the Realhit podcast.


 We would like to conclude our entire talk with the fact that The Ancient treatise makes the astrological study magical and reliable and can be considered a significant part of life. To celebrate auspicious moments like marriage, Birth date, and social life, we deemed the zodiacs to assure happiness and accomplishment in our life.

Not just for a happy marriage, but also for a prosperous life.

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