Famous AI tools you need in your Profession

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There are a lot of the best AI tools released in the market that can help you upskill yourself on the professional front. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and it has entered every industry nowadays. 

Best AI tools for writing content

ChatGpt, BARD, Jasper, and Humanize.ai are some of the top AI tools used by content creators to enhance their content for online platforms. Now, when I say AI in content writing, it doesn’t mean that you use chatgpt for the entire content. That would be wrong in many ways since these tools are developed to assist you in your profession rather than taking your place. What you can do is give the command to one of these tools, see what type of content should be included in the topic, and then write the content on your own. Numerous Corporate companies are hiring content writers who have significant knowledge about these tools so that the work can be done more efficiently. 

Generative AI tools

Generative AI tools are those which is capable of generating text, images, or other forms of media using generative models. DALL-E, chatgpt, and BARD are some of the examples of generative AI. These tools work according to the prompts given by the user in the dialogue box. You can use generative AI tools for writing captions on Instagram, creating a video for YouTube, and many others. 

Excel AI tools

Artificial Intelligence has made the work in Excel much easier. Numerous AI tools are now available in Excel to make your work much quicker and simpler. 

AI tools have been a life savior in using Excel and work of 1 hour can be done in 0.5 hours. All of the above tools are available online free of cost. You can just click the link and start using it.

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