Germany Mein Ladki Pe Kiya 67 Baar Exorcism Ft. Gaurav Katare | Realhit

Gaurav Katare


Welcome to an intriguing exploration of a spine-chilling episode presented by RealHit, a popular channel known for delving into mysterious and supernatural topics. In this particular episode, they discuss the alarming case of a girl in Germany who underwent exorcism 67 times, featuring insights from Gaurav Katare.

The Paranormal Games Phenomenon

The episode begins with a discussion about the fascination with paranormal games and their impact. These games, like the Ouija Board, Bloody Mary, and Charlie Charlie, are designed to contact spirits. They are based on the human desire to communicate with the spirit world, often driven by greed or curiosity. The episode emphasizes the real and often dangerous consequences of these games.

The German Exorcism Case: A Haunting Story

One of the most harrowing stories discussed in the episode is the German exorcism case. The girl in question displayed bizarre and disturbing behaviors, such as scratching wooden surfaces with her nails to the point of injury and consuming her own urine. This extreme case highlights the terrifying realities of demonic possession and the extreme measures taken to address it.

Exploring the Spirit World: Insights and Dangers

The episode sheds light on the concept of contacting spirits, discussing how it’s often fueled by human desires like wealth or power. However, the dangers of attracting malevolent spirits are also highlighted. These entities can wreak havoc in the lives of the vulnerable, often targeting those with weakened spirits or those who are easily influenced.


This RealHit episode serves as a chilling reminder of the thin line between our world and the paranormal. It cautions viewers about the perils of dabbling in the supernatural, emphasizing the unpredictable and often dangerous nature of these encounters.

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