Ghost And Spiritual Stories of Kasol And Malana

Ghost And Spiritual

Himachal is known as the land of gods and goddesses. There are many real incidents and stories here in Himachal believed by locals and many tourists. Recently, we conducted a podcast on Spiritual and Ghost stories in Parvati valley on youtube. We talked about the three Kailash of Himachal Pradesh where Shiv Ji resides. Mani Mahesh, Shrikhand Mahadev Ji, and Kinner Kailash are those three places. 

Stories of all the three kailash:

Mani Mahesh, Shrikhand Mahadev Ji, and Kinner Kailash are present in Himachal Pradesh. Amarnath is present in Jammu Kashmir and Mount Kailash is in Nepal. There are some real and interesting stories behind all these sacred places. People visiting these places have a strong belief and they pray to Shiv Ji about all the problems and thank him for all the happiness. The easiest and scariest treks of all the Kailash mountains is that of Kinner Kailash. This trek is straight, just like climbing a mountain with a steep slope. There is no resting point in between the trek. You can finally rest at the final destination point. 

Ghost Stories in Himachal Pradesh:

I am sure many of you guys must have experienced some ghost moments while living in the mountains. There is one such incident that happened with Aditya sir’s friend where he got extremely scared and chanted the name of Shiva the entire time after the incident. You can watch the ghost stories of Kasol on our RealHit Youtube channel. 

Why do many foreigners visit Himachal Pradesh?

You must have seen that many foreigners visit our beautiful state as tourists and some decide to live there permanently. Most of these foreigners are from Israel. Whenever you visit Manali, you must have observed many cafes serving Israeli Food. Now there are some major reasons behind this and one of them is recreation. Israeli people visit the mountains for some recreation and relaxation time as life in their country is a bit difficult. 

Mysteries of the mountains:

There are many stories and mysteries related to the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. There is a saying that you can get lost easily among these mountains. But, the main reason behind this is negligence. Locals warned them not to go on certain treks or climb certain mountains, but some people didn’t agree. They climbed those mountains and faced the consequences. Some incidents were also caused by the potters who came from Nepal to India in search of some work. 


Mountains of Himachal Pradesh have a very interesting history among them. There are a lot of stories which you can hear from the locals there about ghosts, gods, and mysterious incidents. Many of you must have heard these stories and for those of you who have not heard, go and subscribe to RealHit youtube channel now. They post some amazing podcasts where you can hear all the interesting and mysterious stories and some real life incidents that occurred in the mountains. I am sure you will love them.

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