Hacking and Dark Web: Real Stories of Shelesh Rauthan

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Hacking and the Dark Web are some trending topics nowadays. Let’s have a look at them in detail:

What does Hacking mean?

Hacking refers to unauthorized access to a computer or a network by any means. Hacking is not always ethical. Most of the time, it is used by cybercriminals to have access to unauthorized information and data theft. You must have heard the terms “Hacking” and “Cyber security” together.

In the context of cyber security, Hacking refers to the misuse of digital devices like computers, laptops, or tablets to corrupt or damage the network, gain unauthorized information, steal private and secret information, and disrupt the data. 

Who are Black Hat Hackers?

Black hat hackers are those who involve in illegal and malicious hacking of data for their gains. Black Hat hackers are illegal in India and are used only by the Indian government for cyber operations concerning national security. There are various types of black hat hackers who hack for illegal purposes and they’re good. Black Hat hackers are known for data theft for crores of rupees, both nationally and internationally. 

Fraud on Whatsapp

Everyone has been through this; some people even got framed in this fraud and lost thousands of rupees. Let me tell you, the tech behind these frauds is very low-key. The technology behind these WhatsApp frauds can easily be cracked and identified by people. You must keep your eyes open and always verify an unknown message. 

How to report a scammer on Whatsapp?

There is a simple way to report a scammer on WhatsApp. When a new message appears, you get an option to convey the message and block the sender. Just click on the concerned option and select the desired reason for reporting the sender. Whatsapp Privacy will ensure that you will not receive any messages from that sender again. Always remember, do not click any unknown link in any message without knowing the sender. You can always block the unknown sender on WhatsApp. 

Career in Ethical Hacking and Malware Development

There is an excellent upcoming career in ethical hacking and malware development. If you are a professional you can easily earn 7 figures both in corporate and working individually. Learning in this field requires a lot of practice and consistency. If you are a pro, then only people will hire you and you will get the work. You can also work for the government if you are really good. MNCs like Google and IBM among others have their own hacking and malware development teams that solely work on this aspect. 


There are various diploma courses as well in Ethical Hacking if you want to learn the basics and then proceed forward. The team of RealHit recently did a podcast with Shelesh Rauthan where he explained in detail how hacking works. He also told you how you can protect yourself from such scams and frauds. For a more detailed video, do watch the podcast with Shelesh Rauthan on the RealHit Youtube channel. Subscribe to the RealHit Youtube channel.   

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