How LinkedIn can help you grow professionally?

Grow Professionaly

LinkedIn can play a major role in your professional life and help you in building a network to a great extent. Nowadays, a lot of corporations and agencies are hiring employees on LinkedIn and multinational corporations like Google, Oracle and HP are very active on LinkedIn in terms of their day-to-day activities.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn allows its users to have premium access to some of its features like being a top applicant on a job application. LinkedIn Premium members also get a badge on their profile which is visible to the world. If you are a beginner on the platform, there is no need to get a premium plan. Work on your profile and personal brand first, then make the decision of buying the premium plan. 

Photo for LinkedIn Background

Your background photo should represent what you do. Whether you are a graphic artist, or a sales person or a content writer, it should represent your profession and your skills. It should be designed keeping in mind the designs and aesthetics of the platform. There is no need to use very bright colors and pictures. And, the most important thing, try to make sure that your background photo compliments your profile photo. 

LinkedIn Remote Jobs

Numerous freelancers, agencies and corporates look for WFH employees for their organization. It is considered as one of the most trusted, reliable and best platforms for job seekers who are looking for remote jobs. After making the profile, make your CV ready. It should describe you, your achievements, your career and what you want to achieve in life. Your CV is the first reflection of you, seeing which employers will connect with you for a suitable opportunity. 

Best time to post on LinkedIn

Well, the truth is there is no best time to post on LinkedIn. Whenever you feel that you have something you want to share on LinkedIn or some message that needs to be delivered to the audience, you can post on LinkedIn there and then. If the content quality is good, your post will definitely go in the trending section on LinkedIn and you will receive a good response from it. There are numerous people who even post during midnight, and let’s face the truth. Half of the world is working when the other half is sleeping. When you post during midnight, one half will be able to see your post and react to it. And the next day, you will receive the impressions from the other half. 

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