How to earn money from youtube?

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There are various online and offline sources through which you can earn money nowadays. Youtube is one of the major sources among them in India. 

How to earn money as a YouTuber?

Youtube is a social media platform that hosts a huge number of content creators from around the world. People create their public channels on youtube and put their videos online for the audience to watch. Recently, youtube changed its monetization policies which made it easier for people to start earning at a young age:

  1. Old Criteria: 1000 subscribers, New Criteria: 500 subscribers (Long Video)
  2. Old Watch Time: 4000 hours, New criteria: 3000 hours (Long video)
  3. Short video: 10 million views in 90 days

Shooting a video, editing it, and posting it online is not as easy a task as it seems. There is software available online which are used for professional editing of a video and posting it online. 

How do you earn money from youtube?

The team of RealHit has two more channels in addition to this one: Realtalk Clips and Deepak Shubham Piyush Vlogs. Three channels mean three different sources of income and therefore at the month’s end, you will see a good amount of transferred money in your bank account. They started from a small stage and with all the hard work + dedication, the realhit channel has its team who edits and shoots the podcasts. This entire process of earning from youtube will definitely take some time. If your content is good and accurate, in a span of months people will start liking your videos, and following your youtube channel and you will start getting a good number of views + subscribers. When you will reach the target set by youtube for monetization, you will start earning money. Always remember, in the start, you will receive small amounts but don’t stop ever since one day, this small amount will be converted into lakhs and crores.  

How to make money on youtube without showing your face?

Yes, it is possible to make money on youtube without showing your face but you will make only a small amount. If your goal is higher, at some point you will need to show your face to the audience. You must have seen various unboxing videos on youtube with views in lakhs. Showing your face in the video helps viewers to ensure the credibility of the content and they will start relating to your video on a personal level. That human touch and reliability will benefit you a lot in the long run and after some time, you will be habitual in showing your face in the video. In addition, this will increase your confidence as well.

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