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The cricket season is in full swing with the Asia Cup happening. If you are a cricket lover, then this article is for you which is centered around cricket. India and Pakistan are set to face off in the Asia Cup, a cricket tournament featuring teams from Asia. It’s an exciting rivalry that always captures the attention of cricket fans. Get ready for some thrilling matches with Nitesh Yadav, who is a YouTube influencer and a cricket fantasy expert as well.

Who is Nitesh Yadav

Nitesh Yadav, Son of Mohan lal Yadav and Geeta Devi. After completing his engineering course, Nitesh made it a point to pursue his cricketing passion and participated in inter-college tournaments and won many medals. His love for sports ultimately led him to become a fantasy expert and motivated him to start his YouTube venture as Sports Fantasy Guruji. Nitesh started his YouTube channel to introduce people to the fantasy cricket world, he started live streaming on YouTube. He was inspired by the quote To fulfill the needs of any needy person is the true meaning of success.

India vs Pakistan Asia Cup

India–Pakistan cricket clash is one of the most vehement sports rivalries in the world. The match is a prime example of how sports can transcend boundaries and bring people together. The matches between India and its neighbor are known for their ardor.

 How many times has Pakistan won the Asia Cup?

India, The most successful team in the Asia Cup, won the tournament a record seven times out of the fifteen editions held so far. Sri Lanka follows closely with six victories, while Pakistan has appeared as champions on two occasions. Fantasy world is all about your experience and knowledge about the game People can make their source of earnings through it.

It is considered one of the biggest matches in the world and is among the most-viewed sports games.

 Is Cricket fantasy a gambling?

Cricket fantasy is a game of skills because Everyone can make a team, but few of them know how to create a good and beneficial team, through which they can earn money. Some people think that investing money in fantasy is a waste of money. Fewer of all have the right way to do the job in the right manner. If you are interested in money investment in a cricket fantasy world like Dream11 and get an interesting podcast on YouTube, it contains several ideas. For more such interesting personalities like Nitesh, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel Realhit podcast. We have already had a conversation about the cricket fantasy world with Anurag Dwivedi before. That was a moment of great conversation and connection. To connect with Anurag , go and watch him on the YouTube channel.


The cricket fantasy world is all about your way of thinking and the quality and quantity of the efforts you put in while selecting the team. It’s a chance for both nations to showcase their cricketing prowess, and celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship. 

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