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In a world overflowing with pressure, uneasiness, and the consistent rushing about of life, we frequently end up looking for comfort and direction from the otherworldly domain. One road through which individuals interface with the heavenly and look for inward harmony is through holy messenger treatment. As of late, the RealTalk Clips had the honor of plunking down with Kalyaan Kumar, a specialist in the field, who shared significant bits of knowledge about angel therapy .One avenue through which people connect with the divine and seek inner peace is through angel therapy

The Essence of Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy, as described by Kalyaan Kumar, involves connecting with benevolent spiritual beings known as guardian angels, or “eshth dev,” “vasu dev,” and “kul devi” in the Indian context. These celestial entities are believed to protect and guide us on our life’s journey. Kumar emphasized that angel therapy is not limited to any specific religion or culture; it’s a universal concept that transcends boundaries.

Why We Need Angel Therapy?

In a world filled with uncertainty and challenges, the need for spiritual guidance and support becomes increasingly apparent. Angel therapy provides a channel for individuals to establish a deep connection with their guardian angels. These spiritual beings, according to Kumar, offer unconditional love, guidance, and protection, helping us navigate the complexities of life with grace and confidence.

The Role of Tarot in Angel Therapy

Kumar touched upon the synergy between tarot cards and angel therapy. Tarot cards, he explained, can be used as a tool to access divine messages and insights from guardian angels. By drawing specific cards during a tarot reading, individuals can receive guidance and clarity on various aspects of their lives. This fusion of tarot and angel therapy creates a powerful means of communication with the spiritual realm.

The Process of Angel Therapy

Angel therapy involves several fundamental steps, as outlined by Kumar:

  • Meditation and Relaxation: Begin by finding a quiet and peaceful space for meditation. Clear your mind and relax your body, allowing yourself to become receptive to angelic energies.
  • Invocation: Call upon your guardian angels by their names or by simply asking for their presence and guidance.
  • Angel Cards: Utilize angel cards, which are specially designed decks with angelic messages. Draw cards and interpret their meaning in the context of your current life situation.
  • Alignment of Heart, Mind, and Body: Angel Therapy helps align these three essential aspects of our being. It promotes emotional healing, mental clarity, and physical well-being.

Varieties of Angel Therapy

Kumar discussed various types of angel therapy, including:

  • Healing Angel Therapy: Focused on physical and emotional healing, this therapy aims to restore balance and vitality.
  • Relationship Angel Therapy: Designed to mend and strengthen relationships by seeking guidance from guardian angels
  • Prosperity Angel Therapy: aims to attract abundance and success into one’s life through angelic intervention.
  • Protection Angel Therapy: Ensures that individuals are shielded from negative energies and harm.

Akashik record 

The video commenced further with the discussion on Akashic Records , which are believed to be a metaphysical library of information that holds the collective knowledge and experiences of every soul throughout time. Often described as a cosmic database, accessing the Akashic Records is said to provide insights, wisdom, and guidance about one’s past, present, and future. It’s a concept rooted in various spiritual and esoteric traditions, offering a means to gain a deeper understanding of the soul’s journey and life’s purpose through a connection with this mystical realm of universal knowledge.

A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

In conclusion, Angel Therapy, as illuminated by Kalyaan Kumar, offers a holistic approach to well-being. It provides a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, helping individuals find peace, purpose, and direction in their lives. Whether seeking answers through Tarot cards or connecting with guardian angels, Angel Therapy offers a profound and transformative journey toward self-discovery and spiritual growth. In a fast-paced world, it serves as a reminder that divine guidance is always available to those who seek it.

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