Interesting Stories of Uttrakhand: Golu Devta Temple

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Uttrakhand is known as the land of gods and goddesses. You must have heard about Golu Devta temple and some amazing miracles related to Golu Devta. Let’s have a look on them in detail:

Golu Devta History

Historically, Golu Devta was a brave son of King Jhal Rai and his Wife Kalinka. Kalinka was the 8th wife of King Jhal Rai and Golu Devta was his only son. In his childhood, the seven wives of the king tried to kill Golu Devta by wrapping him up in the box and sending him down the river. Years later, Golu Devta returned to his father and told every little detail that happened to him in the childhood. After this incident, he started ruling the kingdom along with his father and was loved by everyone. Till this date, he is known as the god of justice because people who came to him with their problems got their solutions very soon and they were happy. 

Golu Devta Temple

Golu Devta is known as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Golu Devta Temple is situated at two places in Uttrakhand, one in Chitai and the other one is in Ghorakhal. Apart from these two big temples, each village in Uttrakhand has a small temple of Golu Devta. He is known to live in jungles and protect his region from any outsiders. Even now when anyone roams in jungle at night, it is believed that golu devta is with them and protecting them from any harm. In his early childhood days, he lived in jungle for most of his time that is why it is said that Golu Devta will protect you every time. Golu Devta is known as the lord of justice. Many people come to the temple in search of finding justice or getting the right they deserve. Lakhs of people visit the temple in hope of getting justice and they even celebrate with Golu Devta when their wish is fulfilled. 

Worshipping Golu Devta

As we stated earlier, Golu Devta is known as the Lord of Justice. People pray to him for their every problem. Let’s say, there is some property dispute in which you are stuck in for a long time. You have to go the temple, read the property dispute paper there and leave it in the temple itself. After some time you will yourself observe the results in your life. Many people have already observed this miracle and they worship Golu Devta in times of happiness and sadness. There are a lot of interesting and amazing stories of Golu Devta and his miracles which his deities have seen.


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