Is Black Magic Real?

Is Black Magic Real

We all have heard of Black Magic and Witchcraft, right? Many of you must have observed Black Magic in front of your eyes and on the other hand, many people believe it to be a superstition. Let’s uncover this story today.

What is Black Magic?

Black Magic is the practice of using supernatural powers with a bad intention on someone. The cases of black magic has been increasing in india day-by-day, with Rajasthan being on the top. You must have seen all these ghost stories and witchcraft are mostly heard from Rajastan and the state has a strong connection to this too. Black magic involves wodoo dolls and calling some evil spirits to perform some tasks. Tara Malhotra is an energy healer who has helped many people in getting of rid of black magic and saved their lives. She has also performed exorcisms on patients and removed some evil spirits from the patient’s body. 

Is Black Magic real?

There exists a supreme power above all of us, i.e. Universe. We all pray to that divine power on a daily basis. If there is a good spirit, then there must be a bad spirit. Black Magic also known as  witchcraft, is the practice of using supernatural power for evil and selfish purposes. Recently, Real Talk Clips conducted a podcast with Anirudh where he told his entire experience of Black Magic and how they got rid of it. So, yes black magic is real and unfortunately, it has destroyed the lives of many people whom it was practcised upon. 

How can we protect ourselves from it?

Yes, you can protect yourselves from black magic by keeping your aura strong. Start believing in positivity and inculcate positive affirmations in your life. Make a habit of visiting to temple regularly and showing gratitude for what god has given you in this life. Live a simple life and never harm anyone. Always help to those who in need and not for selfish reasons. There will always be people who are jealous of you and who want to see you down, but you don’t have to worry about them. God is watching upon you and those who think of harming another person, can never lead a happy and successful life. 

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