Job Search now made easy: Online Job Portals

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Searching for a job from a very long time? Don’t worry as we have got you covered. There are numerous online job portals wherein you can create your profile and apply for your dream job. 

Job Search Portals in India

Some of the major and famous job search portals in India are:

  1. This platform currently hosts PAN india employers and companies who are in search of potential candidates for the vacancy. Many job seekers have achieved their dream job through this platform. is trusted by many job seekers and employers to fill up the vacancies in the company. 
  2. Indeed: Indeed is the next trusted job search platform after It is a bit different from in terms of its interface and the assessment questions asked by the employer. If you are an active job seeker, we would advise you to create your profile on Indeed as well so you are up-to-date with your job applications.
  3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is for all the corporates out there who have a well-established business and are looking for job seekers. On LinkedIn, you will find Indian companies as well as foreign companies since it is a global platform. Small agencies, companies, and freelancers all work on LinkedIn and numerous freelancers have established their businesses with the help of LinkedIn. 
  4. Glassdoor: On Glassdoor, you will find reviews, salary descriptions, work-life culture and many other things of the company for the job seekers. When you search for a job on google, you will find a glassdoor portal under the jobs section on google. If you are an employee, you can also put up a review of your company on the glassdoor, so that future job seekers and other employers can see and take some reference. 

Upskill yourself every single day

Competition is seen everywhere nowadays. From school to colleges to the professional world, we face competition on a daily basis. The only way to beat this competition is to upskill yourself on a daily basis. Your skills will help you differentiate yourself from the crowd and you will stand out from the competition. Even if you are a student, learn one new skill everyday. This would be the best way of finding out your interests and you will be able to turn your passion into income in no time. Always keep one thing in mind, this process will take time. You will have to work hard on yourself and practice daily on your skills to be able to sell them in the market. We spare time for our friends everyday right, similarly spare some time for yourself and work on yourself to build your personality and your career. 

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