Journey of B Praak in the Music Industry

Journey of B Praak in the Music Industry

B Praak, whose real name is Pratik Bachan, was born on February 5, 1986, in Chandigarh, India. He was born into a musically-inclined Punjabi family. His uncle Surinder Bachan is a well-known writer and music director, and his father Varinder Bachan, a well-known Punjabi music director, introduced him to music. He started his profession as a music producer and later debuted as a vocalist with the song ‘Man Bharya’. He entered Bollywood in 2019 with two songs as a singer in Akshay Kumar’s movie “Kesari” and “Good News”.  

B Praak Biography:  








         Prateek Bachhan 


  Industry Name


                 B Praak 


    Date of Birth 


           7 February 1986 






 Place of  birth 


     Chandigarh, ( India) 










 Currently residing 


   Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 


   Career Start 




      First song 


            Man Bhariya 




      St. Jevior Chandigarh School 






    Award &     


Most Romantic Ballad of the Year and       Best Music Video Award (Hardy Sandhu for Soch) 




   Music Director & Composer  

  Marriage  Status  



    Wife Name 





About B Praak Life:  

B Praak was born on 5 February 1986 in Chandigarh.  His father’s name is Varinder Bachhan, and he is a famous music director and composer. B Praak has given music in superhit songs like “Tutak Tutak Tutiya”


The Soaring Success:  

When B Praak entered Bollywood as a playback singer and composer, it was when he made a name for himself. He quickly became popular among music enthusiasts, thanks to his soul-stirring voice and capacity to arouse strong emotions in listeners. His song “Mann Bharrya,” became a huge smash and made him a well-known person in the music industry of India. Millions of people were moved by B Praak’s performance of “Teri Mitti” from the movie “Kesari,” which brought him great fame and honors. 

Life Away From Music: 

Despite his enormous popularity, B Praak still maintains a strong connection to his heritage and family. He is highly grateful and shows appreciation to his parents, who have supported him always throughout his journey, and to his wife Meera. 

B Praak is known for his charitable activity outside of music, contributing to society through several initiatives. He is dedicated to enhancing the community and having a positive influence through his platforms.  

Present Age of B Praak: 

The present age of B Praak is 37 years.  


B Praak has worked very hard in his life to reach the position where he is currently. He believes in the fact that his success is only possible because of god’s blessings and the love of his audience. The lyrics of the songs he sang touched the audience at hearts and made him one of the most lovable singers in the music industry. Despite all the fame and success, he remains humble to the ground and continues to work hard for his audience. He believes in the power of positivity and remains positive throughout his life even in extremely difficult or negative situations. 

Recently, he did a podcast with the RealHit team on their youtube channel. Watch the video for more details.

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