Journey of Sarang Yadav in Stock Market & Trading

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Sarang Yadav is now working as a Stock Market expert and is earning a good amount daily. But, he was working as a Digital Marketer initially. So, what motivated him to enter the stock market?

Story of Sarang Yadav

Sarang Yadav and his spouse started this journey of the Stock Market from scratch. After their love marriage, their family disowned them and they went into the market with minimum cash and clothes. When they were running their digital marketing agency, they stumbled upon a client who was working in the stock market and was earning a good amount of money. This client intrigued their interest and they started learning about the stock market on the side. Now, it has been 3+ years that they are working and teaching in the stock market to their students. Sarang and his spouse started this journey from zero, and that’s why they are minimal risk-takers. They believe in the concept of earning more revenue with less risk.  

Earning from Stock Market

Many people believe that earnings from the stock market are based on luck and mere coincidence but this is not true. To earn from the stock market, you need to have a good knowledge of the working of the stock market. You cannot just hope in the stock market with the hope to start earning profit as soon as possible. It will require a lot of study before you earn some profit from trading in the market. 

Can you start trading in the stock market as your main profession?

Yes, you can start trading in the stock market as your main profession. To start this as your main profession, you should first learn how to trade. You can join a class or even start doing some minor trading with someone as a side income. Later on, if you find it fruitful you can turn this into a full-time profession. Risk-taking is an essential part of stock trading and there is no certain amount of profit/loss designated in it. It is purely based on your study with a little part of luck. Many people call trading a “gamble” which is entirely wrong. In a gamble, the game is purely based on luck and planning whereas in trading you need to study the market first to have a profitable trade. Only then you will be successful and will make money front the stock market in the long run. 


Sarang Yadav shot a podcast with the team of RealHiT where they told their entire story of trading in the stock market and how they started earning money out of it. 


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