Keep your eyes healthy: A lifesaver advice

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Eyes are an essential part of the body. You can see the beauty of life and the environment through your eyes. Today, we will be talking about how we can keep our eyes healthy and eyesight perfect. 

Why is your eyesight deteriorating?

Nowadays, there are various reasons due to which people’s eyesight is getting weak. Screen time has increased to a great extent especially among kids. They watch screens from a very close distance due to which corneas have become weak. Increased screen time and less sun exposure are the two main reasons for increased eyesight. Under the age of 18, your body will go through various changes both physically and mentally. Your body is still growing. During this phase, you have to take care of your body a lot so that it will help you in your later years. 

There is a logical reason behind the sunlight. In the presence of sunlight, there are certain chemicals which are released in the eyes and they prevent the eyes from widening. 

Spectacles at young age:

Young children from the age group of 4 and above now wear spectacles to school. From an early age, they are addicted to spectacles and now it becomes difficult for them for their entire lives. Parents, this is a very serious situation. Dr. Rahul Chaudhary is a well known ophthalmologist and has seen some extremely serious eye problems and diseases in his career. Children watch screens from a very close distance which increases the size of their corneas, thus leading to spectacles. 

Methods to control the power of eyesight:

In this era of technology, there are now ways through which you can reduce the number of eyesight powers. Certain types of lenses and spectacles are there which help you to reduce the power of your eyes to 50%.

Long hours in front of the screen:

For all the adults out there who work on laptops or desktops, this part is for you. Your entire profession depends on the screen but at the same time, your eyes are equally important. If you have to work in front of the screen for a long time, it is advised to take frequent breaks. Use eye drops (whatever your doctor recommends) regularly. You can use eye drops twice in a day if there is a lot of irritation in your eyes. Sometimes there is no solution to your long working hours, all you can do is to take frequent breaks from the screen and use eye drops. 

Do not put anything in your eyes. Dr.Rahul Chaudhary has observed numerous cases where people put anything in their eyes and later regret it. You can lose your eyesight if you don’t consult a doctor whenever you face some difficulty in your eyes. Do not go to a chemist and do anything they advise to remove the pain or irritation. 

You can watch this informative podcast with the team of Realhit and Dr.Rahul Chaudhary on the Realhit YouTube channel. 

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