Life in Korea: BTS, Parties, and Ghost Experience

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Maansi Arora is a Dehradun girl who is currently studying in South Korea. She has some amazing stories of her life in Korea. Maansi completed her MBA in Korea and now is currently working there with a company. You can also work in Korea while completing your studies on your VISA.  Let’s have a look at them in detail:

BTS Army

BTS has a super huge fanbase in Korea. People are die-hard fans of BTS, be it a child or a senior citizen. Everyone follows BTS and they love the music BTS composes. They could relate to the music very easily and it touched their hearts.  People love their music and BTS concert tickets are hard to get because of the huge crowd and fast booking of the slots. Lots of people distribute free stuff at BTS concerts like chains, bracelets, t-shirts, and many other accessories. BTS is celebrated like a festival there and fans even cut the cake on the birthday of any BTS member. They might forget their birthdays but they will not forget the birthdays of a BTS member. 

Culture of Korea

Korea is different from other countries in terms of many ways and culture is one of them. A lot of Korean people don’t speak English and they invite Indians very less into their circles. If you are served alcohol by your seniors, you have to drink that without any choice of yours. Accepting alcohol means that you are respecting and agreeing with your seniors and this tradition is embedded in Korean culture. In various terms, the culture of Korea is strict like you cannot drink in front of your elders. Just take your glass on the side and drink.


 Korea is a very safe country in terms of crimes and women’s safety. You can roam around in the streets even at 2 a.m. without any danger. However, there are a lot of crazy stalkers and psychopaths in Korea who make you nervous and scared at times. Dating is very much open in the country and there are a lot of spaces in public specially made for couples out there. Dating in Korea is beautiful. 

The Craze of Plastic Surgery and Beauty

You must have seen that Korean men and women are so pretty and have flawless skin. Well, there is only one reason behind this statement. Every second person in Korea goes under plastic surgery for having flawless skin and looking pretty even at an older age and they even advise their children to get one day when they are old enough. Koreans love Indian facial features like our eyes, nose, and type of skin. 


For more detailed stories of Korea, go and watch the podcast of Maansi Arora on the RealTalkClips youtube channel. There are some amazing and interesting videos posted on their youtube channel which you will love and will relate to on a personal level. Let us know in the comments section below about your views on the podcast.  

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