Transform Life with Vaastu with Acharya Pankit Goyal

Pankit Goyal


In the 30th episode of RealTalk Season 02, we embark on a spiritual journey with Acharya Pankit Goyal, one of India’s most renowned and expensive Vaastu consultants. This episode, titled “Vaastu Se Badal Jayegi Zindagi?” (Life Will Change with Vaastu?), takes us deep into the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra and its profound impact on our lives.

The Essence of Vaastu: A Beginner’s Guide

Vaastu Shastra, often heard in stories and conversations, holds a significant place in influencing our life’s trajectory. Acharya Pankit Goyal demystifies Vaastu for the young generation, explaining it in a language that resonates with them. He simplifies Vaastu as the science that harmonizes the energies of our living spaces, impacting our minds and surroundings positively.

Health and Vaastu: A Connection Unveiled

Acharya Goyal touches upon a sensitive yet critical aspect of Vaastu – its influence on health, specifically concerning cancer. He highlights a startling observation linking the placement of toilets or kitchens in the northeast direction of a house to health issues like cancer. Through compelling arguments and examples, Acharya Goyal urges viewers to reconsider the layout of their homes to foster better health and well-being.

Impact of Vaastu on Daily Life

Further exploring Vaastu’s impact, Acharya Goyal elaborates on how our environment, as dictated by Vaastu principles, can influence our daily life, mood, and overall prosperity. He shares practical tips on aligning living spaces to attract positivity, wealth, and peace. By adjusting the setup of our rooms and paying attention to the directionality prescribed by Vaastu, individuals can experience a transformative change in their life’s quality.


The episode with Acharya Pankit Goyal serves as an enlightening exploration of Vaastu Shastra and its undeniable influence on our lives. From improving health to enhancing living conditions, Vaastu offers a pathway to balance and harmony. As Acharya Goyal aptly puts it, Vaastu is not just about belief but about experiencing the shifts it brings to our life’s energy and dynamics. For those looking to make meaningful changes in their lives, delving into the principles of Vaastu might just be the beginning of a new and improved journey.

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