Film Scene Gone Wrong: Nana Patekar’s Apology to Fan

Nana Patekar


Recently, a video of Nana Patekar slapping a fan went viral, sparking widespread controversy. However, the truth behind this incident is not what it initially seemed.

The Viral Incident Explained

The incident occurred during the shooting of Patekar’s upcoming film ‘Journey.’ A video surfaced showing him slapping a boy, who was later identified as a fan and not a crew member as Patekar had believed.

Nana Patekar’s Clarification

In a follow-up video, Nana Patekar explained the situation, stating that the slap was part of a film scene and that he mistook the fan for a crew member. He expressed his regret over the misunderstanding.

The Scene in Question

The scene involved Patekar’s character, who suffers from dementia, reacting aggressively to a boy. This was the context in which the fan was mistakenly slapped.

Director’s Take on the Incident

Anil Sharma, the director of ‘Journey,’ confirmed that the incident was a part of the film’s shoot and not a real-life altercation, urging people not to blow the situation out of proportion.

Nana’s Apology and Regret

Patekar expressed his wish to apologize to the boy, who ran away out of fear. He emphasized that the incident was an accident and not reflective of his usual behavior towards fans.


This incident highlights the complexities of film shooting and the potential for misunderstandings, especially in public settings. Nana Patekar’s prompt clarification and apology show his responsibility and respect towards his fans.

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