Oprah & The Rock’s EVIL Maui Donation Scam Exposed

Maui Wildfire Disaster

What’s happening in Maui right now?

Another natural calamity that left the people of Hawaii in poor condition and without supplies is the Maui wildfire tragedy. Over 10,000 individuals have been affected by this disaster, which also claimed 115 lives. Numerous individuals are now homeless as a result of the Maui wildfire calamity, which has destroyed at least 2,200 structures. Rescuers are assisting people get to shelters on time while also continuing to scour the region for the remains of the missing. For both the island’s economic recovery and damage rehabilitation, an estimated $5.5 billion will be required.

What caused Maui’s wildfire?

Rumors have been spreading that the cause behind this fire were the active power lines which were blown down during the high winds. Residents living on the island have already filed lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric stating that they were using faulty power equipment which couldn’t withstand high power winds. And, the lines were charged despite the warnings for the high winds started by the hurricane. Hawaiian Electric admitted in August end that the fire was ignited by the faulty power lines in the start, but the reason for the second wildfire has been yet unknown. 

What is the scam about?

Jason Momoa has been telling his audience and fans about the Maui Donation scam that has been running under his name for a long time. In addition to this, many people who are claiming to be Jason Momoa are accepting donations for the people affected by the wildfires. On Jason’s Instagram official, he has made a statement that he is not accepting or asking people to make any such donations and the donors should be aware of such scams running in the market. It is quite shocking that people are making money out of someone’s misery and Jason is strictly against promoting such things. There are legit sources like @lahaina_ohana_venmo from where donations go to the people who are in need for the same. 

Some Big Donors for Maui Wildfire Disaster

Recently, Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson stated that they will be working together to establish a charity fund for those affected by the tragedy. “The People’s fund of Maui” is the name of the contribution fund, which received a substantial donation of $10 million. Without incorporating any other sources, the goal of this fund is to directly assist individuals. The goal is to contribute $1200 in order to provide financial assistance to those over the age of 18 whose homes were destroyed by wildfires. This will cover every local resident and exclude out realtors who didn’t dwell there. People’s donations and the original compensation offered by Oprah and Dwayne are what keep the People’s Fund of Maui going.

Has Aid been given to the affected people?

$19 million has been given by The Federal Emergency Management Agency to the shelters set up across the island. There were statements given by the shelter residents that they had been receiving much help from NGOs and celebrity donation funds rather than the government. Many people are living in hotels and AirBnb’s as well with the rental assistance covering for 18 months. 

Is Oprah linked with The Rock’s Evil Maui Donation Scam?

Oprah has been linked to The Rock’s Evil Maui Donation fraud in several rumors and press stories. According to recent sources, Oprah has increased his riches by purchasing new land in Maui. In March 2023, Oprah acquired a 2,000-acre piece of the island. She continued to purchase homes for $3.89 million and $2.47 million in addition to expanding her acreage in the area to over 70 acres. These deals have undoubtedly increased rumors that locals won’t be able to locate land that’s suitable for constructing their homes.

Many people questioned whether Oprah merely went to the shelter and offered assistance due of her physical presence there and her desire to earn notoriety via this action. Recent events revealed Oprah’s presence in the War Memorial Stadium, where distressed individuals have sought refuge. She directly engaged them in conversation and provided some of the shelter’s necessities. Surprisingly, when Oprah went to the shelter to assist the victims, there was another incident. Some kids reportedly vanished without a trace.

Oprah’s island residence has sustained only little damage, raising many questions, and there have been rumors about her regular visits at the shelter where she distributes food and interacts with residents.

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