PM Modi’s Bold Vision for AI | A Call for Transparency and Global Cooperation

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In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the global landscape. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi address at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit has sparked a crucial conversation about the need for transparency in AI. The summit, a gathering of diplomats, ministers, and industry experts, highlighted the transformative power of AI and the necessity of a responsible and transparent approach to its development.

The Need for Transparency in AI

PM Modi’s speech emphasized the transformative nature of AI. He also stressed the importance of making AI as transparent as possible. Transparency in AI is not just a technical necessity but a moral imperative. It ensures that AI systems remain unbiased and developers create them to benefit everyone, with no one left behind.

Global Framework for AI Development

A significant point raised by PM Modi was the need for a global framework for AI development. This framework would serve as a guideline for responsible AI development. It ensuring that AI technologies are used for the public good and not abused for malicious purposes like deepfakes, data theft, or by terrorist groups.

AI for Inclusion and Equity

The Indian Prime Minister highlighted the need for AI development to be inclusive, ensuring that its benefits are equitably distributed. This approach is particularly relevant in a diverse country like India. Where AI can play a significant role in bridging linguistic and cultural divides.

The Challenges of AI: Deepfakes and Cybersecurity

It addressed a critical issue: the challenge posed by deepfakes and AI-generated content. PM Modi called for measures to increase the credibility of AI-generated information and stressed the need for a “software watermark” to identify AI-generated content.

AI in Public Services

They discussed how AI could enhance public services. PM Modi pointed out how AI could revolutionize sectors like agriculture, education, and health, making these services more personalized and efficient.


PM Modi address at the GPAI Summit marks a significant step in acknowledging and addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. As AI continues to evolve, the call for a transparent, responsible, and inclusive approach to AI development becomes increasingly vital. It’s a global imperative that we cannot afford to ignore.

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