Unlock the Power of Sanatan Dharma with Akshat Gupta

Akshat Gupta


In the 31st episode of RealTalk Season 02, we delve into the essence of Sanatan Dharma with Akshat Gupta, a writer and a self-proclaimed full-time house husband who made a repeat appearance due to the popularity of his insights from a previous episode. This discussion, titled “Sanatan Dharam Ki Taakat” (The Power of Sanatan Dharma), navigates through the foundational principles of Sanatan Dharma and its impact on contemporary life.

The Core of Sanatan Dharma: Understanding its Roots

Sanatan Dharma, often known as the eternal way of life, is deeply rooted in the philosophies and practices that have shaped the Indian subcontinent’s spiritual landscape. Akshat Gupta opens the conversation by emphasizing the universal presence of divine power, acknowledging that respect and reverence for nature, animals, and all living beings form the crux of Sanatan Dharma. He illustrates how everyday practices, from feeding ants to revering trees and cows, embody the dharma’s core teachings.

The Symbolism of Weapons in Hindu Deities

A fascinating part of the discussion revolves around the symbolic significance of weapons held by Hindu deities. Akshat Gupta provides insight into why deities like Shiva, Vishnu, and Hanuman wield particular weapons, suggesting that these are not mere tools of violence but symbols of protection, righteousness, and the removal of obstacles. He argues that the presence of weapons with the deities signifies the balance between peace (shastra) and force (shastra) when necessary to uphold dharma.

The Modern Relevance of Sanatan Dharma

Akshat Gupta passionately argues for the contemporary relevance of Sanatan Dharma, stating that its principles of balance, respect for all forms of life, and the pursuit of truth and righteousness are more applicable today than ever. He touches upon the concept of ahimsa (non-violence) championed by Gandhi, juxtaposing it with the necessity of self-defence and the protection of one’s rights and values, as exemplified by the gods’ weaponry.


The episode with Akshat Gupta is a profound exploration of Sanatan Dharma’s enduring wisdom and its significance in today’s world. By weaving together ancient traditions with modern interpretations, Gupta highlights how the teachings of Sanatan Dharma can guide us toward a more balanced, ethical, and fulfilling life. This dialogue serves as a reminder of the timeless nature of Sanatan Dharma and its potential to inspire harmony and resilience in the face of contemporary challenges.

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