Ram Mandir Secrets Revealed by Kanhaiya Mittal

Kanhaiya Mittal


In this special episode from RealHit, featuring Kanhaiya Mittal, a renowned bhajan singer, the focus is on the spiritual and cultural significance of the Ram Mandir, Sanatan Dharma, and the power of devotional music. This episode has captivated over 265,000 viewers, delving into the soulful world of Indian spirituality.

Kanhaiya Mittal’s Connection with Ram Mandir

Kanhaiya Mittal shares his deep connection with the Ram Mandir, describing his emotions and experiences related to the temple’s inauguration. He discusses the importance of the Ram Mandir in his life and its impact on his music, offering a personal perspective on this significant cultural milestone.

Exploring Sanatan Dharma through Bhajans

Mittal talks about the role of his bhajans in promoting and preserving Sanatan Dharma. His music, deeply rooted in the traditional values of Sanatan Dharma, serves as a bridge connecting the younger generation to their spiritual heritage.

The Influence of Khatushyam in Mittal’s Work

The episode also highlights Mittal’s devotion to Khatushyam, a manifestation of Lord Krishna. He discusses how his bhajans dedicated to Khatushyam have touched the lives of many and helped spread the message of devotion and faith.

The Role of Bhajans in Promoting Spirituality

Kanhaiya Mittal reflects on the power of bhajans in bringing people closer to spirituality and God. He emphasizes how his music has become a medium for people to express their devotion and find inner peace.


This episode with Kanhaiya Mittal is not just about music; it’s a journey into the heart of Indian spirituality and culture. It sheds light on the significance of Ram Mandir and Sanatan Dharma, seen through the lens of a passionate bhajan singer.

For a deeper understanding and to experience the spiritual journey with Kanhaiya Mittal, watch the full episode on RealHit’s YouTube channel here.

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