Understanding the Real Side of Pakistani Media and Khalistan Issues

Pakistani Media and Khalistan


In this insightful episode from RealHit, the focus is on the complex and often misunderstood topics of Pakistani media and the Khalistan movement. The episode features a special guest, Major Gaurav Arya, who brings his expertise in Indian Army service and content creation on geopolitical issues.

Threats and Challenges Faced

The episode opens with a discussion on the personal threats faced by individuals in the media, emphasizing the severe challenges and risks involved in addressing sensitive topics. The host shares experiences of receiving threats to personal safety, highlighting the precarious nature of their work.

The Khalistan Scam: A Deep Dive

A significant part of the discussion is dedicated to the Khalistan movement. The episode describes it as a scam involving drugs, illegal immigration, extortion, and contract killings. This segment aims to shed light on the darker, often hidden aspects of the movement, debunking popular misconceptions and propaganda.

Major Gaurav Arya: A Special Guest’s Insight

Major Gaurav Arya, the episode’s special guest, brings a wealth of knowledge on national security and media. His experiences in the Indian Army and as a media panelist add depth to the discussion, particularly on issues related to national security and geopolitical matters.

The World of Geo-Politics and Media

The conversation extends to broader geopolitical issues, with Major Arya educating the audience on various global political matters. His insights provide clarity on complex topics, making them accessible to the general public and helping viewers understand the intricacies of international relations.


This episode of RealHit, watched by over 290,000 viewers, offers a unique perspective on the intricate issues surrounding Pakistani media and the Khalistan movement. With Major Gaurav Arya’s expert insights, viewers are treated to an educational and eye-opening discussion that demystifies these complex subjects.

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