This Real Story Of Black Magic Will Shock You

This Real Story Of Black Magic Will Shock

In the quaint town of Habibganj, near Bhopal, a chilling tale unfolds, one that blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural. This is the story of Kushal and his brothers, Abhishek and Vishnu, whose lives were entangled in a web of black magic.

Kushal, a teacher and UPSC aspirant, was always a skeptic of the supernatural. But the events that transpired with his brothers forced him to reconsider his beliefs. Abhishek, pursuing his Masters in Yoga at Bargatulla University, and Vishnu, a graduate student, lived together in Habibganj, an area known for its peacefulness and good-hearted residents.

The story takes a dark turn with the introduction of a new classmate in Vishnu’s yoga class. This girl, charming and friendly, quickly integrates herself into their group. She offers to help with their YouTube yoga tutorials, even bringing expensive equipment and snacks to their shoots. Her generosity, though seemingly benign at first, soon raises suspicions.

As their acquaintance grows, the girl invites the brothers to shoot their videos at a spacious hall in her ancestral home. Kushal, learning of this new friend, feels uneasy but dismisses his concerns. However, the house they arrive at is far from what they expect. An old, dilapidated structure with black cloths covering the entrance and windows, it reeks of neglect and mystery.

Inside, the atmosphere is oppressive, with a palpable sense of negativity. Kushal’s brothers are guided upstairs by the girl, leaving Vishnu alone with the girl’s mother. She, a short woman with a sharp voice, greets Vishnu with unsettling enthusiasm, insisting on performing a ritual. Despite the bizarre circumstances, Vishnu complies, driven by an inexplicable force.

The ritual is bizarre and unnerving, involving the use of left-handed actions and strange mantras. Kushal’s brothers, caught in this eerie situation, find themselves unable to leave or protest. The situation escalates when the girl’s mother introduces a frail, lifeless boy, instructing Vishnu and Abhishek to perform a ritual with him.

In a moment of clarity, Vishnu resists, breaking free from the trance-like state. He grabs Abhishek, and they flee the house, leaving behind the perplexed mother and her strange companion. The escape is frantic, with the brothers barely processing what had transpired.

Shaken and confused, they seek refuge in their faith, visiting a temple for guidance and cleansing. The priest, after hearing their story, performs a ritual to rid them of the negative energies that latched onto them. The brothers return home, but the ordeal leaves a lasting impact, especially on Vishnu, who turns towards spirituality and introspection.

Kushal reflects on the experience, grappling with the reality of black magic and the unseen forces that exist in parallel to our known world. The experience, though harrowing, brings the brothers closer and transforms their understanding of the world around them.

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