Real vampires and ghost stories

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We have been listening to the stories of Vikram and Betal since childhood. Betal is known as the vampire in India’s folklore.  Today’s conversation is going to be very interesting and exciting due to dreadful stories. This article  is about paranormal activities captured by Deepak, who is not only a Paranormal investigator but also interacts with ghosts and has conversations with them. Through this podcast Deepak revealed his horror experience, and how ghosts convene and communicate with him.

Deepak met with Ghost and felt its presence:

 One of the incidents he mentioned in the podcast about Delhi, according to Deepak, the Dwarka sector is one of the scariest places in Delhi where he captured various paranormal activities. Like, A woman runs At the speed of the car, alongside it. Deepak’s editor also faced paranormal activities that made them scared and forced them to run. Not only for exploring but also based on public demand, he shared such scary adventures on his YouTube channel The Real One. Through the Realhit Podcast, Deepak conveys that most of the scary paranormal activities that are captured by paranormal devices which catch the negative or positive energies very efficiently present in surroundings.

What are Paranormal Devices and how do they work?

Paranormal devices are gadgets that are used to detect or interact with paranormal energies or entities. 

Types of appliances works on different power of  EMF’s (electro magnetic fields):


EMF meter 

Dowsing road

Thermal imaging device

The Most Haunted Places of India are: 

  • Aleya Ghost Lights, West Bengal
  • Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi
  • Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan
  • The Church Of Three Kings, Goa
  • Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty
  • GP Block, Meerut
  • Mukesh Mills, Mumbai
  • 8 National Library, Kolkata
  • Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavla
  • Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

Dangerous Encounter with Animals in Jungle 

As we all know, Our Government is protecting the Jungles and tigers from poaching and hunting, but there are so many animals that will go extinct which are not being given attention to behind this process. 

Tricks of Escaping from Tiger Attack 

The first thing you have to do whenever you face any wild animal is to be confident in front of them. You need not be afraid of it, just calm down and patiently face the situation. If the tiger sees you as a potential threat, he will definatly attack you to make himself safe.


Through this podcast we learnt a lot of things like the initiatives conducted by the government and various organizations like People for Animals in Delhi, to get stop poaching and hunting. We should learn the workings of the forest department so that we can understand animal protection more clearly.


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