RealTalk broadcast: An Elite Look into the Life and Vocation of Sanjay Mishra”


In the steadily developing universe of podcasts, RealTalk has turned into a go-to stage for those looking for an unfiltered look into the existence of Bollywood. In perhaps their most recent episode, RealTalk digs into the captivating excursion of veteran entertainer Sanjay Mishra, who has won hearts with his faultless acting abilities. This episode is a rollercoaster of feelings, from fun tales about the business to profound bits of knowledge about the existence of a carefully prepared entertainer.

Last stake Sanjay Mishra Sir had

The podcast starts off with a happy inquiry – “Last Stake Sanjay Mishra Sir Had?” The reaction is, however, enchanting, as it seems to be unforeseen. Sanjay Mishra cleverly uncovers that he never contacts liquor while acting, as he trusts in keeping a reasonable brain to give his best exhibitions.

Sanjay shares the background accounts of his new venture, ‘Guthli,’ and discusses the difficult work that goes into the specialty of acting. The digital broadcast captures the essence of brotherhood and fun exercises on set, displaying the business’ cheerful side.

Miserable Side of Being a Younger Craftsman in the Entertainment world 

The conversation takes a more dismal turn as Sanjay dives into the difficulties faced by young artists in the Bollywood world. He thinks about the closeness to home and mental cost that notoriety can take on youthful gifts, and he stresses the significance of everyday encouragement for these growing stars.

Generalizing Battles Looked by Sanjay Mishra Sir 

Sanjay gets serious about the battles he faced, breaking generalizations inside the business. His excursion from a modest community to turning into a flexible entertainer in Bollywood is downright moving. The entertainer’s sincere disclosures advise us that achievement isn’t generally a smooth process.

The podcast investigates a portion of the incredible roles played by Sanjay Mishra, with an emphasis on the humorous and remarkable characters that have graced cinema throughout the long term. These notable exhibitions have made him a darling figure in the Indian entertainment world.

Is Sanjay Sir changing film exchanges to make them more entertaining?

One of the most fascinating fragments is when Sanjay talks about his way of dealing with making film discourse more amusing. He uncovers the craft of spontaneity and the most common way of teaming up with journalists and chiefs to improve the humor in the remainder of his jobs.


The podcast takes a more private turn as it addresses the elements between Sanjay Mishra and his co-stars. In particular, the conversation revolves around whether Dhanay, probably a co-star, is terrified of Sanjay Mishra during shooting. The entertainer’s sincere reaction adds a hint of humor to the discussion.

Do entertainers secure themselves a space for film jobs?

The episode likewise addresses the normal discernment that entertainers use to secure themselves a space to plan for their film jobs. Sanjay’s bits of knowledge uncover that there is often a mix of techniques to get into character, and not all entertainers pick disengagement.

South Indian Motion pictures Showing improvement over Bollywood films?

The discussion takes a fascinating turn as the host questions whether South Indian motion pictures are outflanking Bollywood. Sanjay offers a reasonable point of view, recognizing the development of territorial film while featuring the remarkable qualities of Bollywood.

Working with Kid Specialists 

The conversation gets back to the encounters of kid craftsmen in the business, investigating the difficulties and rewards of working close by them.

Assumptions for Sanjay Mishra Sir with Films Subsequent to Shooting 

Sanjay gets serious about his assumptions and expectations for his films whenever shooting is finished. This fragment gives an understanding of the entertainer’s energy for his work and the expectation he feels for each undertaking.

Is filmfare paid or counterfeit? 

The contention encompassing film grants is a subject of conversation, as Sanjay tends to question whether FilmFare is paid or phony, giving audience members an insider’s point of view.


As the podcast finishes up, audience members are passed on with a feeling of association with the confounding universe of Sanjay Mishra, an entertainer who has made a permanent imprint on Indian film. Yet again, RealTalk demonstrates its ability to carry crowds very close to their number one characters, giving a legitimate and enamoring listening experience.

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