RealTalk Stories of Goa: Gods and Party Scams

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Goa is known as the land of tourists and parties. Every person who has visited Goa enjoyed a lot of tourist places and activities. But, little did we know that Goa is also known as the land of the gods. Come, let’s have a look at this statement in detail:

Goa: The Land of Religion

Most tourists believe that Goa is the land of Christianity but this is not entirely true. If we look back at history, people of different religions have lived in Goa and are currently living there. Each festival is celebrated in Goa with zeal and enthusiasm from Ganesh Chathurthi to Diwali to Christmas. The religious harmony is well-known in Goa and people of different religions live together here. 

Local Villages of Goa

There is an interesting fact related to gods and rituals like KANTARA which are performed in the local villages of Goa. These areas are called Backwaters since they are at a distance of 0.5-1 hour distance from the beaches. If you visit Goa 3 days before Goa, you will get an opportunity to observe a full-fledged tradition of Holi performed in these local villages. Many tourists love to watch this and there are some amazing stories and miracles attached to this tradition. If you are planning to see this tradition, visit Goa at the time of Holi and visit a local village. You will be able to see this tradition. To get to know this tradition in detail, watch the podcast with Rupesh on the RealHit youtube channel.


There is one major thing that you need to take care of when you are observing this tradition, and that is you are not allowed to use your mobile phones at all. There is a strict “NO PHONE” policy and if you are seen using one, you will get punched by the locals. This is a true statement and no joke. Tourists visit these local villages and put stories on social media platforms to visit the place. Due to this, sometimes there is extreme rush and crowd in the villages which makes it difficult for the locals to manage. Make sure if you are visiting the place, keep it neat and clean and use your phone less there. Enjoy nature, local culture, and local cuisines. 

Tourism in Goa

As compared to previous years, tourism in Goa has decreased to a much greater extent. After COVID, foreign tourists are reduced due to various reasons, and the major reason is eve teasing. You must have seen a situation where a girl is being chased by men on the roads and the beach. Goans are strictly against eve-teasing but the Indian tourists have harmed the foreign tourism by such things. 


The podcast with Rupesh is already live on the RealHit Youtube channel. Do watch the podcast and let us know in the comments section about your views on the topic. We would love to hear them. Also, don’t forget to follow the RealHit youtube channel so that you get notified whenever they release a podcast. 

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