Renuka Panwar: Her Ambitions and Struggle

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Renuka Panwar is a famous Haryanvi artist who has sung a famous song “52 gaj ka daman”. She started her singing career at the age of 16. She belongs to a middle-class family and has two elder brothers. In the starting years of her career, she went on to record songs along with her brother to Panipat. 

Life of Renuka Panwar:

Renuka Panwar was born in a middle-class family and her father just used to earn Rs.900 before she was born. Soon after her birth, her father was promoted to the position of manager. She started singing when she was in school and got a lot of appreciation from her school teachers as well. Her elder brother resigned from his job to make her a singer and went with her to all the recordings 

Renuka Panwar Songs:

She started her singing career at the age of 16. She chose this career after a lot of thinking and decision-making. She faced some extreme situations, got wet in the rain, and still traveled to the recording stations to record songs. She used to record songs the entire night and then go home in the morning on a bike with his brother. Her first earning was Rs.500 on one of her songs. Later, when her songs were gaining an audience she used to get Rs.1500 per song. 

Recently, she sang a Bollywood song for a movie that is soon going to be released in theaters. She sings at events and is earning a good amount because of her hard work and dedication. She has worked with numerous Haryanvi artists.

The Story behind “52 gaj ka daman”:

Quite a few years back, Renuka Panwar’s youtube channel had 85 subscribers. One day his brother shot a video of her dancing on 52 gaj ka daman and posted it on youtube. That one video had a major role in gaining popularity for that song. After that, the song became a hit and everyone in the Haryanvi Industry went crazy for that song. She started getting offers from other industries and other music producers. Her family was happy at her success and even her relatives started calling her. She gained fame after this song and now people love her songs and love to dance on them.

Her Learnings from Her Experience:

She is a humble and down-to-earth person. Even after gaining so much fan following, she is pure at heart and gives her earnings to her mother every single time. She has worked with huge stars like Sapna Chaudhary and the duo worked really well. She works with every single star she gets the chance and never boasts about it. Renuka Panwar believes in living close to her hometown so that she always gets the feeling of being attached to her roots. 

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