Rising Wave of Cyber Crime in India: Unveiling the Wide-Level Online frauds


  1. Cybercrime: Unveiling Some Dark Details of Online frauds

  2. What is Cybercrime?

  3. Cybercrime is a type of crime which involves the use of a computer or a computer network. In simple terms, a crime committed by a person using a computer or a computer network is called cyber crime. Nowadays in India, cybercrime has increased to a much greater extent and more people are falling for Online frauds.

  4. Examples of cybercrime:

  5. Phishing, Identity theft, Malware, Ransomware, Cyberstalking are some of the examples of cybercrimes that are being committed in India. Everyday, there are numerous online complaints filed for these cybercrimes where people get robbed for a lot of money.
    Phishing is the crime where attackers deceive people into giving sensitive information like bank details. Identity theft occurs when attackers use someone’s personal information without permission to commit fraud. Ransomware is a crime where attackers threaten to publish the victim’s personal data unless they receive a ransom.

  6. Cyber crimes laws in India:

  7. Under the Information Technology Act, 2000, cyber crime is an illegal offense with due punishment for different types of crimes. Enforcement of these laws has been very strict from the past few years due to an increase in the number of crimes. People are now becoming more aware about these crimes to protect themselves from fraud.

  8. How to report cybercrime of  Online frauds?

  9. Reporting a cybercrime is an essential task after you have been the victim. Many victims don’t report cyber crimes and this boosts the confidence of the attackers. The Cyber Crime helpline number is 1930. You can file an online cyber crime complaint on cybercrime.gov.in. You can also go to the nearest police station and file your complaint.

  10. Why is a cyber crime complaint necessary?

  11. Reporting a cyber crime is a duty of every Indian citizen whenever they observe one or have been a victim of one. You must have seen the web series under the name of “Jamtara”. That web series is all about how cyber crimes are committed in India and how they rob innocents of their hard earned money. You can also learn to protect yourselves from such frauds by seeing that web series. One report of cyber crime can save numerous people from being the victims. You have to be brave and complain of any such crimes. There is nothing to be afraid of. Every law in this country is made to protect its citizens and we must follow them. As a responsible citizen, we must report every crime.

  12. Conclusion:

  13. As another day passes by, a person becomes a victim of another cyber crime in India. It has a dark reality attached to it. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to remove cyber crime from our country. This change is not possible from one person. We all have to work together in removing this crime from our country. Committing cybercrime is an illegal activity and can destroy your entire life. Make sure you stay away from it and work with hard work and honesty in your career. You can also inform people about how to protect themselves from these types of Online frauds and save them.

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