Samsung S9 tablet series

Samsung Tablet S9 Series

Samsung is known as the closest competitor to Apple and very recently, Samsung has launched its S9 tablet series in the market. The specs and quality of this tablet have the power to beat Apple’s iPads and many other laptops on the market.

Samsung S9 tablet release date

 The Galaxy Tablet S9 series was launched on Samsung’s website on 11th August, 2023. This means that you can buy the Tab S9, S9 Plus, and S9 Ultra on the official Samsung website and other third-party websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can also buy the tablet in offline stores in your hometown. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 specs

The Galaxy Tab S9 specs have revolutionized the tablets existing in the market and some of the specs are:

  • Upgraded processor 
  • Bigger speakers 
  • IP68 
  • Up to 1TB storage
  • New AMOLED screens

S9, S9 Plus, and S9 Ultra differ in size. This series contains 8 GB of RAM and Memory up to 1 TB (Tera bytes). It has a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 12-megapixel front camera. It has an Android 13 operating system and a USB type-c charging port. You also get an additional SD card slot in the entire S9 series, i.e. you can now expand the storage up to 1000 GB in less memory tablets.

 The three different screen sizes, ranging from 11 inches to 14. 6 inches, are used to separate the Tab S9 series into different categories. The standard Samsung Tab S9 has an 11-inch screen and an 8400 mAh battery, the Tab S9 Plus has a 12.4-inch screen and a 10,090 mAh battery, and the giant tablet Tab S9 Ultra has a 14.6-inch screen and an 11,200 mAh battery. These tablets easily outperform any other Android tablet and are true high-performance Android beasts.


These specs give a tough competition to the Apple’s iPad Pro. Both Samsung and Apple tablets can be used with keyboards which makes them quite close to a laptop. Samsung’s operating system helps the user to download a much larger number of software that are not available in Apple’s Appstore like some video editing software. 

Samsung tab s9 vs s8 

There is not much of a difference between Samsung Tab S9 and S8. Some light differences between these two models are the Operating system, weight, battery capacity, and colors. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 comes in Beige and Graphite colors whereas Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 comes in Graphite, Pink Gold, and Silver. There are several details comparison videos on YouTube done by tech lovers and Samsung users. You can go and watch them for a graphic representation.

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